The final weeks of the Trump Campaign

Bob Beckel said on “The Five” that there would be an October Surprise. If you knew Trump it is no surprise however. I know Trump better than anyone except the Clinton opposition research team. This was no surprise but it is a slaughtering house. Trump is going to be turned into the biggest electoral defeat for Republicans in a very long time (if not the biggest ever).

You see I did opposition research on Trump three total times. Once in 2011 I did it for personal reasons. I found a lot of bad things and I dismissed him as a candidate. The media agreed back then and did not help Trump.

For the Super PAC Stand for Principle I studied the Don again. I found a lot of issues. I fought to try to change their focus from Marco Rubio to Donald Trump. We parted over their ignoring the threat that Donald Trump was and the low hanging fruit he still represented in December.

I also did more opposition research as I wrote my book, The #NeverTrump War. In fact to get the book as full of information I did not just recreate the old opposition research I exceeded it as much as possible.

If you studied Trump, really studied him, you knew there were court cases where he settled for claims of Sexual Harassment. You would know he stalked Princess Diana. You would know he mistreated his top female employees, that he saw women in a different light than Presidential candidates ever should, and you would know he is a male bigot to females.


But there is so much more to dislike about Trump. His extensive mafia ties for example. He has so many ties to the mob that it makes you cringe to really know it. Hillary surely has access to the files on the Mafia connections with Trump. This is a potential ace up her sleeve.

Trump also has so many failed businesses. Trump for example ran a perfectly good airline into the ground. This compared to Delta, US, American, and more. His efforts in promoting his personal vodka brand to the Russians is a lesson for scorn. He wanted to be known for selling this commodity to the Russians in Russia. His brand was unknown, uncared for, and ultimately had to be sold at a loss to stores for cheap vodka. Trump has many such business failures where he never had others investing so he could not declare bankruptcy. However the effect is the same, the businesses collapsed and he had to sell the remaining assets at a significant loss.

Hillary of course probably has a copy of all the Twitter posts that the Trump team deleted. It would be funny when Trump brings up the emails if Hillary brings up his Tweets and the ones his team deleted. You know the sexist, racist, cruel, rude, and Trump style defensive of his ego posts. It would be an excellent way to throw him off on deleted records, forcing him to quickly defend and being unable to fight effectively against her.

Taxes had four references once upon a time. There is a single reference to be found. The scrub was good. The other references showed that Trump has had problems. I cannot effectively say what problems, but I know for a fact if Hillary was going down that an IRS agent would fall on the sword and release the Trump tax records in a way that makes it so anyone can get it (and the media would be on it in 30 seconds with 20 team members waiting to review it per news company). His donations (excuse me I mean the lack thereof), his unusual payments he gets from unusual sources, his mass profits where he should not get them, his deferred losses, his other losses, and his medical expenditures.

There is more, of course, and Hillary will probably be spending vast amounts of cash to get each potential attack before a survey group to see how they respond. We are talking from getting secret information on his Russian connections, to his Foundations spending habits (there is more dirt there to be brought to camera, for instance he paid for a date using foundation money, given the way they are attacking him it might make a nice segue way), to Trump University.

Oh let me cover that one before I move on. Trump University where Trump paid off the Florida AG and now there are victims down there who will not get assistance going after Trump. Except they just might after all. How hard would it be for Hillary to get victims who now live in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, and other battleground States? A parade all of her own and Trump trying to insist he never did anything wrong. The potential to have these people crying on camera, interviewed over a 5 day period by the news media, and new faces every day… If I was Clinton I would drool over this.

In fact there is so much that I could not actually fit it in one book in the time frame I was working on. A lot of details had to be left out to make room for that which had to be in the book. Hillary, her media goons, the DNC, and her Billionaire Goon Squad have a lot of details on Trump. More than I could get since they have been buying up videos, audio, pictures, and other things to help make their case.


So here is what to expect as the dance starts to move. The fake Russian news websites are going to up the ante, Putin will make all the noise he can to help scare people to vote for Trump, and the email stuff will “expand” in number of claims. They will also make fake releases of their own to try to further increase the damages (if they had not started that with the first email dump). The problem is that it is too much noise, requires too much reading, and it only inflames those already following Trump. But they will do this.

Trump himself will probably try to attack Hillary with Bill and she will side step it easily. He will try to get her with Benghazi and her ‘out’ is a claim that she had personal instructions from Obama on events and was following orders, aka a chain of command and that personally she had learned from it. So Trump tries to do anything to get traction and is seen as attacking her. Added to his constant lies, conspiracy theories, and then add the Hillary attacks which will be very powerful and Trump will keep hemorrhaging voters.

His people will make threats, they will get frantic, this is the “White Genocide Supreme Leader” after all and they really want their leader. The problem is that no threats will work, they needed to be nice, but they cannot do nice. Hillary also only needs troll the Republican Party with fake social media accounts in a manner equal or exceeding that which happened during the Primaries. Oh yeah Trump never thought of that. So watch the party splinter even more. She will cast all sides against each other.

Meanwhile if you look in some of the polls you will see that Hillary is polling higher in minorities than Obama did. That less may actually vote – is not going to hurt her so much because a higher percentage will vote for her in the end.

By the way my book is free on Amazon all weekend for downloads. Why? Because an educated population is an intelligent population, is one that may actually learn from the lesson. The #NeverTrump War started because Trump is that bad a candidate, because no one ever really attacked him back as much as he attacked them, and because Democrats helped put that pos in as our nominee. We must learn from this lesson, we must spread the truth about Trump and we must destroy him and his so that in the future the lessons will be widely learned. Those lessons are that you do not break the eleventh commandment for any reason at all, you do not lie at all, you do not nominate someone with baggage thinking that the oppositions baggage will probably be bigger, and you do not nominate someone left of center for the Republican Nominee ever.

By the way Donald Trump was not the original birther against Ted Cruz. That was Darrell Castle. Next was Tom Hoefling. Trump just followed those losers and did his own in a bigger way. Also Rand Paul did it as well when he saw how many libertarians would not support him but would support Ted Cruz. Just want to put that out there.