We should have seen it coming

In this election a lot of things have become clear. So many things are now crystal clear.

For example if a web site (Drudge) had been ever linking to Infowars then it was not conservative it was just not left.

A Republican In Name Only (RINO) now includes those who are just wanting to not be Democrats. There are plenty of examples of this now where they are not here because they like the ideals of the Republican Party but because they hate and loathe the Democrat Party far more than they hate and despise us.

Racism is as strong as we were told instead as weak as we thought, although it is a two way street as well.

The more willing a person is to believe a conspiracy theory the more likely they were to be a Trump supporter. This means weather modification crap, this means Bilderbergers are fighting the Illuminati crap, and this means if you believe you can walk into Congress and do a citizens arrest on a Senator or Representative.

Republicans do not vote in Primaries, only in General Elections. At least not in significant numbers.

The older you are the more likely you are going to believe anything you see on television.

The older you are the more likely you voted for Trump.

The younger you are the more likely you are disillusioned about politics. ‘

We win on issues in general elections, they win on emotions in general elections.

We will not support someone who breaks the 11th Commandment of the Republican Party, Trump should have seen that coming.

But the list can continue so let me get to the point. People like Hannity are conservative in name only, they do not mind having the title if it helps them but what they really are is anti-Democrat. They see no need to actually help us win for real, they just want to deny the Democrats as much as possible.

There are people who are angry beyond belief at our party and are quite willing to sink it regardless of cost due to our leaders. They also equate anyone in office as the problem even when they are presented evidence that some are actually fighting – mostly because they think it is all a show.

Those who are in the alt-right are the new versions of the John Birch Society. They hate, they brew conspiracy theories, they are unintelligent (for the most part), and they have their views on how society should be. They also corrupt anything they take over as par for the course. Look at what they did when Ron Paul was running for President, they took over whole blogs and websites as much as they could, forced companies to actually ban them on sight to keep their intended audience intact. They took the reform party and made it a mockery which no one would work with and then wondered where all the voters went.

The world is interfering with our elections via social media, funding, and political maneuvering. Not the stupid nations like Iran, but the smart ones who plot the long plot like China and Russia. Europe also belongs in that list as does a few other nations. They interfere because we let them interfere. A strong leader in America might be bad for their views after all so they will work through all means to prevent it. The more control they have over their nation the more they interfere as well.

The Democrats are playing for the final win while the Republicans are thinking business as usual. That some want some leftist policies of some sort or another belies that they have not been shown how those policies can in fact worsen the things they would like to see. We do not educate enough in the Republican Party, we do not try all venues to show our vast knowledge on issues.

The Democrats have built up infrastructure. They have offices, they have equipment, they have places to stash operatives in-between election cycles, and they have money in all sorts of odd places to use to keep growing in power. They share knowledge between different groups to make it so they can continue growing. The Koch’s are the closest thing the Republicans have to an equivalent and they are open borders type libertarians. We have no permanent infrastructure, we do not share knowledge, we over-price everything and short change everyone.

Trump getting the nomination should be a wake up call, we are a party deep in decline and voting for 1 or 2 issues only is hurting us, voting for the least evil is hurting us, lack of talent running for offices is killing us, and the lack of coordination, assets, and infrastructure is hurting us.