The #NeverTrump War: Bully Edition

The daily chronicle of the Trump machine continues with a talk about the nature of Donald Trump and his followers.

Donald Trump remains someone who is surrounded by the worst of people. Paul Manafort is indirectly tied to the revolution in Ukraine, Roger Stone is of course famous for his threats against Delegates for the convention.

Donald Trump made his campaign about attacking other candidates and conservatives. His supporters, from those at the top and those at at the bottom, are all on board with this effort.

At no point is there any effort, that is plausible, to get conservatives to vote for a positive reason for Trump. Instead we are attacked and told we are voting for Hillary otherwise.

The only reasons I have ever heard for Trump are the military and Supreme Court. Since Trump also said he would get the military to commit war crimes I am not a fan of his military idealism. That he also has the desire to wreck the 1st Amendment in his efforts to stop criticism against him means I am not thinking that his Supreme Court choices are a positive either.

I wrote in my book that Trump broke the 11th Amendment on his own. However since he and his followers continue to do so on their own it means Hillary can flood Social Media with false Trump supporters and false #NeverTrump supporters, and keep the anger between the two groups up to the maximum.

This is of course evidenced in a RedState post made today even. Yes the Never #NeverTrump people exist. Many of those will be Democrats in Social Media, and some of them will be alt-Right personalities as well.