The #NeverTrump War: Russian Involvement

In this daily we are reviewing the Russian connections to the Trump campaign. Make no mistake – The Russians chose Donald Trump as their candidate, they supported him extensively and they will not stop.

First let us cover some history lessons:

One of the most recent things Trump did was in 2013 he hosted Miss Universe in Moscow. Trump was given $14 million to host the show in Moscow. Aras Agalarov also got Trump to visit with other oligarchs in a private meeting. Trump did not get to meet Putin during the visit, but Putin provided Trump with an expensive gift. Also Aras got to have Trump participate in a music video with many of his models – for the son of Aras.

Trump’s history however goes back deep. It starts during the Soviet Union. In 1987 Trump met with the Soviet Ambassador at a luncheon. I cannot imagine what a Democrat would be doing meeting with a Soviet (eyeroll). Trump was asked to look into building a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Trump balked when the Russians said they wanted to keep 51% ownership in any tower built. Ironic since he insists that we should require ownership of anything built inside the United States now.

In 1997 he tried again with the help of General Alexander Lebed. This general once said 100 Soviet suitcase bombs had disappeared (does this sound Alex Jone’s in nature to you as well?). The end result was Trump was thwarted again.

In 2005 Trump tried with the BayRock Group. With a mix of Russian Mafia, ex-Soviet satellite nationals, and Russians this group was definitely not the least corrupt group in the region. In fact if someone wanted they could write quite the book on this group and Trump’s venture here and need it in an encyclopedia sized volume.

Trump started Trump Soho with them, and ultimately he was charged with falsifying information for investors, sued, and for the first time I can find he settled fast and with no questions asked. By coincidence the only concession he asked for in the settlement was that they stop talking to the New York City’s prosecutor’s office.

Trump Vodka was an effort he used to try to get into the good graces of various Russians, however as we know his company never did very well.

In 2008 Trump sold a property, from his purchase price of $41 million, for $95 million. This was considered an extraordinary achievement at the time since the United States was in a housing crisis and most expensive properties were not selling at a markup during this time.

Trump also got Trump Toronto built with the help of two Russian Investors.

Russian involvement also needs to talk about Paul Manafort, one of Trump’s former campaign managers. Manafort was involved in the Ukraine where he sided with the groups that ultimately started the civil war after losing the elections there. The groups Russia sided with. The groups that got the Crimea invaded.

Carter Page is our next name, Carter Page happens to be a major stockholder in Gazprom, the Russian Energy company. Michael Flynn also is interesting because he was the man who eliminated the language advocating US support for Ukraine from Russian aggression from inside the Republican Party Platform.

Our last name is one that scares me. Aleksandr Dugin is one of those people who is pure Russian Nationalist, pure White Supremesist, and pure Nationalist Socialist. This man is the one pushing Russia to support Trump at all costs, and is involved in all of the stuff discussed next.

The Russians are using all of their Social Media groups to compromise the US Election. From simple botnets to sophisticated intelligence operations we are under assault.

I wrote far more extensively about this in my book, so if you ever want to read up on it please go looking for me in Facebook and ask where you can get it.

The Russians used a system of Virtual Operating Systems to maintain the online status of hundreds of accounts, where one operator could watch dozens with ease. They used these accounts to spam messages, to alert agents of responses, allowing quick likes, replies, and meme sharing. In this regards they also used automated friend seeking to get past the guards of people who accepted all friend requests to get into a chance to get to more discriminating peoples lists.

In short they have upended Social Media entirely to get as much penetration as they can in our Social Media circles. This is why at first we saw them never reply to questions but with quickly shared memes or small prepared statements. They had issues with the syntax and other aspects of our language. They were obvious and at times they had to just disappear from a thread to avoid further compromising themselves.

They have built up their “dictionary” a bit since then, but essentially they cannot handle anything moderately complex in questioning. This is always obvious to those who engage with them.

These fake accounts would further use the fake news websites the Russians created to spam content out. Since they could put their best linguists to work on the websites they could maximize how many read the stories from just the shares. It helped that Trump, with his huge ego, would share stories he liked that were complimentary to him or his campaign.

These techniques are known to me because I devised a very similar system myself. However I missed one element. Where I rely upon factual stories, but using emotional triggers to push people to my view, Putin’s people realized that if you spread out the content over dozens of websites that some would succeed, some would fail, that some people would believe almost everything, that even skeptics would at times believe some of the content, and – most importantly – most people people would block out those stories they did not believe, leaving them only memories of the ones they wanted to believe.

Now I have worked up a system to counter this stuff, but of course it is too late for this election cycle.

But the Russians, for the ill of our nation, have pushed Trump into our laps. Fortunately they cannot convince Democrats like they did Republicans or we would be doomed to Trump.

The same Trump who constantly hero worships Putin. Think on it.