The #NeverTrump War: Supreme Court

Much is said about keeping the Supreme Court. The Trump supporters claim he is our only hope to have conservatives on the Supreme Court. Today I destroy that dream.

Trump, as in my earlier Diary entry (link) has no issues destroying the 1st Amendment. However it goes far further than that. Trump has no issues with a Supreme Court that would destroy many of our rights.

First, as stated, Trump would end the rights of the Media and of Freedom of Religion. From there we also see that Trump would fight against the Right to Peacefully Assemble and that he would crush Due Process because those cases where people were not convicted when he felt they should be convicted. This is a part of his history where he went after the “Central Park Five.”

Trump remains a problem in other areas as well. His lawsuit industry shows he would seek to make it easier for him to defend against companies he has short changed. His views on the judges charging him with fraud in the Trump University case shows he would do anything to make it so Judges could not charge him… which would hurt other parts of our system. Trump also has no issues with bribing, as in the case of that Florida Prosecutor, portions of the court so we could expect to find judges installed who were amiable to bribes and blackmail.

The Trump court system would be one of corporate corruption at the highest possible scale. No improvements to the current courts could be expected, instead we would see a weakening in areas currently not under assault by the left and in areas the left wants weakened.

Hillary only represents a danger in left side political views. Her judges would not seek to reduce the peaceful right to assemble except in small specific sections (they will try to prevent guns from being parts of peaceful protests for example).

Hillary would not seek judges to be favorable to her, but to her views, which means the justices, while left leaning, would not be able to be bribed for a view point, nor would not be corrupt in that sort of manner making us equatable to many third world nation.

The Trump court system therefore, with all due respects to how horrible the Clinton one would be, is factually worse than the Clinton courts. add in the fact that Republicans will not challenge Hillary, but would challenge Trump, ahem, I mean would challenge Hillary and not challenge Trump, and you have a recipe for disaster. Yes I admit that some of the right will roll over no matter who is President, McLame after all has no concept of fighting for the Republic in the Senate after all, but there it is… We have no chance against Trump, we have some chance against Hillary.

The #NeverTrump War will continue until the November Election with details of why Trump, without a doubt, is worse than that rottenburger Hillary.