The #NeverTrump War: 1st Amendment

This is the introduction to a new daily blog entry by myself. This is my description of why we cannot vote for Trump. Logical, evidence based, I will be making these blog posts to identify the various stands of why we cannot vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a history of attempting to use the media for his own benefit and getting vengeful in the most severe way when the media reports anything he considers “unkind” about him (he also uses many other terms, often not so pleasant sounding).

Trump has said he will “open up the slander laws”. This was in response to media people publishing stories he did not want published. It also flies in the face of the Constitution of the United States. Note that this was not a single statement, he has reacted for decades against media people he has issues with.

One writer once wrote about Trump’s hands. Now most executives, politicians, and celebrities know to ignore those sort of comments. Trump cannot. Indeed he sent a tracing of his hands for more than two decades to that same reporter with comments about how large his hands are. You saw more of this in the debates. He takes offense and he does not let it go.

Trump has often gone out of his way to make the media uncomfortable unless they are being extremely nice to him. “Morning Joe” helped Trump in the Primary, offering to do softball questions and to even avoid a question on immigration for Trump. In the General Election of course that support is gone. But back then Trump was in love with the media citing how he was getting massive amounts of airtime and such positive love from the media.

He loves the media when they are for him, but when they are against him his wrath knows few bounds. Trump has sued media people for just talking commentary about him that was negative in nature. In one case a comment was made on “The Five” about how “Carley had cut his balls off”. Trump came out with an immediate threat to sue that man unless he retracted the statement.

A deep rift is there when Trump does not get what he wants. For example he has set up a pen area in the back of his rallies for the media. The media is not allowed to leave these pens at all except under escort. This includes to the bathroom even if the bathroom is behind the pen. In one shocking case a reporter stepped two feet out of the pen to get a better view of protesters being escorted out, he was grabbed in a choke grip and thrown down to the ground. The reporter was never a threat in any manner, he just wanted a better view.

Trump has such a long history with the media that it is obvious what he would do as President. He would nominate judges who would help him destroy the first amendment in his efforts to make sure he could squelch any negative comments about him.

This is not an unknown route, it is the route that is going on in N. Korea, it is the same for Thailand, it is the effective policy in Russia, and it is a favorite method of Banana Republics around the world.

Trump has also been an issue regarding religion. He would start the very slippery slope with his SCOTUS picks of removing religious rights from one group without caring that when he is out of office the next Democrat will use those changes to make Christianity illegal. There is a reason our founders protected all religions, so that successive leaders would not decay one at a time.

If Trump is the cause of problems he will not like protests against him. This is not the sort of man who takes anything bad well, instead expect maximum force, maximum punishments, and threats of worse. This is his entire psychological mantra, he only tolerates positive things.

Where does Hillary stand in this regards however? Hillary would not squelch the media’s voice, but she would probably make certain types of speech “Hate Speech”. Further she would try to make other types of speech have legal consequences. In this regards however her efforts are actually less than those that Trump would do, and are more likely to run into fights against them.

Hillary will make some reductions for what sort of rights of assembly the right has, trying to prevent a future Bundy Ranch event for example, but outright bans would affect her people too much and she knows it. In some regards she will allow more demonstrations, though admittedly only if they are from the left.

Hillary will do what she can against Christianity while keeping Islam on “a leash”. Those efforts will of course be fought against where Trump would get a mostly free rope to hang the 1st Amendment.

Thus in matters of the 1st Amendment, by comparison, I cannot support Donald Trump because he is the greater of the two evils.


This is the first example of my effort in The #NeverTrump War to define why we cannot vote for Trump.