The key to more jobs...

Josh Hammer writes that Trump obtained support from “working class nationalist” votes. These people are pro-America, want higher paying jobs, and want those jobs to be available in larger numbers. In those regards few would disagree with that sentiment. The problem is the way they are attempting to go about it.

Robotics is starting to replace farmers, welders, construction workers and more. Jobs are starting to diminish rapidly in the United States because of wages, regulation, taxes, benefits, and more. However it would only take changing two of those to make the others become more capable.

Some worry that changing the system will reduce jobs. For example if we made a flat tax, or a sales tax, the IRS of course is removed, but a lot of jobs as tax preparers vanish as well. There is in fact, according to reports, 1.2 million of those jobs. However you must look at this as a production issue.

A tax preparer produces nothing of value, his income is derived from pushing paperwork that could be rendered inert with ease. This cost ultimately affects companies because they must pay their employees, must file forms, must accept the costs of those preparers in all regards. Those preparers reduce actual production.

Instead if we make it favorable for companies to want to locate here, want to hire here, want to expand here we would gain jobs. As the number of employed increases, and the number of potential employees qualified for a field decrease, the wages will rise on their own. So the question is not how we can force companies to create jobs, how to force companies to keep existing jobs, but instead how to make it so every company on the planet wants to build here.

First if we institute a Flat Tax we are still taxing everything made in the United States. After all the employers must account for that tax for goods sent overseas. This tax would be for all labor inside the United States. This can make goods leaving the United States have higher prices. A Sales Tax however would apply to goods sold inside the United States. This includes imports in full (instead of just the portion where some bloke behind a counter gets taxed, but not the companies that produced the item) on all items sold in the United States.

It also reduces the cost of exports by making them, for all intents and purposes, tax reduced. I use the term tax reduced because the employees still get paid an amount that will include wages that essentially help pay their sales tax. However ultimately goods inside the United States get taxed higher than goods outside the United States. Imports also lose value compared to the current system, making it easier and more cost effective to make those goods here.

Instead of isolationism we take advantage of the system as it stands, and we increase our jobs, keep more of our money, and we increase how much we sell to them. There is no loss there, there is only gain. Removing all other taxes, and forcing only a sales tax, yes I said business tax, property tax, and income taxes… would make businesses want to use our talented and capable labor pool. We would become not so much an import nation as we would an export nation, with jobs available for everyone.

It would also destroy the dreams of the Socialists that we could provide so many jobs, make it so part time work was still very rewarding, and that plenty of goods and services were available on demand in the United States. Ultimately it would lead to more vacation time, more benefits, and less hours for people as companies competed for labor by trying to be attractive to labor.

We need to make our case to the Nationalists who are looking at Trump as some sort of savior, and we need to show them our jobs plan can work, that his jobs plan cannot work, and make these differences clear and precise. I know my sales tax only plan may not be the plan ultimately decided upon, but this is a direction we need to aim for if we want companies to consider locating inside the United States as a way to profit for exporting. Those companies coming here become jobs, those jobs will be for our advantage.

Nationalism will increase the use of Robotics, as shown below: