Discussions inside the Illuminati

This is the transcript of a recent meeting inside the Illuminati Headquarters located in (Redacted). The following individuals were Present: The Chair, the Secretary, the Strategist, the Director, the Financier, and the newly made Publicist.

Director: This meeting is called into order, having sealed the doors, and searched the room, I deem this safe from Bilderberg spies and bugs.

Chair: We welcome our newest member of the inner circle, the Publicist.

Publicist: Thank you, as you know we suffer from reputation issues, therefore a little disclosure seemed appropriate, and I thank the inner circle for making me a member.

Chair: The agenda madam secretary

Secretary: We are to cover the Wall which we predict will actually be built on the Southern border of the United States with Mexico.

Chair: Is this a real possibility Mr. Strategist?

Strategist: Yes, unfortunately planning and analysis both concur that the wall will be built due to the conditions present.

Director: Please clarify the conditions for the circle.

Strategist: I would prefer to defer to the Financier on the opening statement here.

Chair: Very well, Financier would you please.

Financier: After an analysis of the Trump plan we have concluded that the wall will be built based upon economic needs. Those economic needs include the vast wealth inequality we project, an increased possibility of illegal border crossings, increased number of work visas, and finally the lack of hope people will have in their home nation.

Director: How do these economic needs happen?

Financier: Tariffs Mr. Director, the Trump plan has Tariffs.

Strategist: This is the issue at hand. The United States imports two trillion, seven hundred and sixty one billion dollars, roughly, in goods while exporting approximately two trillion, two hundred and thirty billion dollars. Those figures are in gross value of course. The United States experiences a sixteen point seven seven trillion dollar gross domestic product rate. These figures are from 2015. We expect that most trade will ultimately shut down from the Trump plan, excepting some authorized companies which will become tariff exempt…

Director: Tariff exempt Strategist?

Strategist: Yes, it is our analysis that Trump will use the concept of exemptions for specific companies which will he gets imports via, including Trump Vodka for example. Also as ways to promote companies to support him fully.

Director: I see, well carry on.

Strategist: Yes sir. So the tariffs will affect both durable goods and perishable goods, except from those few companies allowed limited tariff exemptions. For example a BMW produced in Germany will have a tariff assigned to it. Now the original forty five percent tariff proposed is unlikely in our estimates, but a fifteen percent tariff is extremely likely. The BMW would therefore have an upfront tariff in real costs for the company importing the BMW.

Publicist: These companies already pay taxes on materials and labor correct?

Strategist: Labor yes, but imports are not taxed until sold under current models. Therefore a BMW could have at most a thousand dollars in labor and logistical costs. Those costs are far less than an average low budget BMW can go for thirty five thousand dollars. Therefore a fifteen percent import tax, a tariff, would add five thousand two hundred and fifty dollars to the price tag.

Publicist: Thank you for answering the question.

Strategist: A tariff also is separate of the local sales taxes most states have. Therefore the vehicles will have additional costs from those taxes as well. Our study indicates that the market for imported vehicles will bottom out and only US made vehicles will be sold inside the United States.

Chair: You project this will not be a good thing then?

Financier: I can address that. Trump is advocating a minimum wage increase now. Such an increase will cause union wages to go up under the majority of contracts they have. It will take three or four years for the inflation to set proper, but the vehicles prices will go massively up as well.

Director: Would this not make the local and imported vehicles the same price, and thus make them marketable?

Financier: No, people will seek repairs on existing vehicles and will get those repairs via non-union shops, thus keeping repair costs low. Especially the majority of the union people. The auto industry will start to collapse.

Chair: I apologize Strategist for interrupting then.

Strategist: It is understandable. We also examined imported and exported foods. Two in particular stood out, those being bananas and oranges. The banana market experiences loss on all portions of the logistics line from the ship to the store. Unfortunately an import tax does not account for potential spoilage and loss, but would require a hefty price increase which will further be increased based upon the inflationary worries. In short we project that bananas may go as high as two hundred and fifty percent of current price to handle the tariffs, inflation, and in covering for lost before it reaches market foods. Oranges, an export item, will experience a near market melt down in all venues due to retaliatory tariffs upon the United States.

Publicist: Will not some nations be given no tariffs, and thus visa versa?

Strategist: No, for the simple reason that those nations would have warehouses pop up overnight, with a one percent cost  addition in general to the goods, and the United States would be forced to keep adding nations to the tariffs list to account for that, plus we have determined that companies would flee to any nation not under tariff thus forcing Trump and his ego to tariff those nations as well. To continue we see a near end to the Orange as an export item  except to the very rich, and in very limited quantities. The large surplus of oranges inside the United States will cause a market collapse for oranges and profits will be less than costs to maintain the trees.

Chair: So you project massive layoffs as well then?

Strategist: Yes, in most export type markets we project an eighty percent layoff rate, where the remaining twenty percent will be able to adjust and find sales inside the United States. However down chain markets will suffer at a similar rate. Of course the import industries will be dramatically affected with an approximate seventy percent rate as well. This equates to a roughly thirty percent unemployment rate.

Director: I see, therefore you are under the assumption that United States workers will flee to Mexico. I also presume Canada?

Strategist: Without a doubt there will be a massive exodus, first of those with massive amounts of cash, as they will see the issue at hand. But this will be followed by extremely skilled labor such as doctors, engineers, scientists, and dentists. The next wave will include skilled labor such as truck drivers, mechanics, and middle management. This is where we presume Mexico will start their wall and Canada will start making a barrier to illegal immigration.

Chair: A barrier?

Director: The border there is tremendous, it is the longest single border in the world. The Canadians do not have a budget that can handle a wall, therefore they will bulldoze a trench with a road beside it and seek to keep the majority of illegal Americans from getting past.

Publicist: And so this is how the Wall in Mexico, at the American border gets built?

Financier: Yes

Chair: I think we have heard enough, Secretary please share a copy with the publicist of the meetings transcript, and please set the agenda for shorting the American Dollar. We need to see if we can beat Soros at that game somehow.



And so now you know that the Illuminati is indeed existing, but we are also being transparent. The great news for the Trump supporters is that Trump will actually keep his promise, even if it means poverty, hunger, and hardship for them! Well, we love you, we really do have your best interests at heart, please take care.


– Illuminati Publicist