They say the #NeverTrump group has no cause, no goals, except to stop Trump.

I am a #NeverTrump commander. I am a part of this cause and allow me to say, this is not just about Trump. Yes we are aiming to not vote for him, but in the core of our beliefs, we hold dearly to more than that mere title.

Trump stands for corruption, for the buying and selling of power, for crushing conservatism, for cheating everywhere you can cheat. These are his values. His supporters reflect his other values, his rudeness, his immoral gender specific attitude, his willingness to attack all others who do not support him.

Ask the media how Trump treats them. Boxed in an area in the back of his rallies, not allowed to leave the box (even for the bathroom) without an escort, the largest ban list ever, and the way he has treated many reporters in despicable, vengeance filled, intolerable ways. Oh they are him, and he is them.

We the #NeverTrump people therefore stand for the opposing principles, much like Matter stands in opposition to Anti-Matter. We stand for the law, we stand for fairness in treatment (but definitely not outcomes), we stand for civil discourse and we stand for ethics, morality, and a conscience.

Make no mistake, we also stand for limited government, we stand for less regulations, we stand for Free Market Principles, and we stand for less taxation. We believe in looking at a mans history to know the man, we are mostly Christian based and we believe in personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is why we are taking a stand against Trump. Where else can we show that we have values above and beyond that of a party? How else can we demonstrate that we are not sheep like the Democrats are, people who will only vote the Party line regardless of who the candidate is.

And Trump is a poison upon candidates. Those who stay lukewarm to him seem to completely defeat those who go fully in the tank for him. Not close wins, not even somewhat close wins… no these are utter disasters for the challengers. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and even the Establishment scum of scum John McCain shake off these assaults as if they are nothing. Because they are not Trump, because they avoided his taint.

Trump is even poisonous to Trump. In my book I wrote about this. Trump has lost his peak of 127% of the value of similar properties to 101.7% of similar properties. His hotels are seeing a 17% reduction in foot traffic, he has reduced his prices at the hotels and is now cheaper than competitors in some markets. Trump’s his own worst enemy for his properties, be them rentals, leases, purchases in high-rises, golf courses, or hotels.

The #NeverTrump movements goals are simple on face value. Face value you just see that we won’t vote for Trump. Under that skin you will find it is because conservative values matter. This is not just a rejection of Trump, it is a rejection of the Democrats, it is a rejection moderates in our own party, it is a rejection of Socialist Nationalism, and it is the way we say enough. It is also the way we show our values, our views, our conscience. We show that we want everything polar opposite to what Trump is. If we were not #NeverTrump we would have folded over already, more scared of Hillary. It is who we are, those hidden definitions that make us stand out.

I have been #NeverTrump since the summer of 2015. I have been a warrior in this fight with Stand for Principle as their opposition researcher. I left them when they would not fight Trump and went on to make my own website to try to do so. I was in the Ted Cruz campaign in Oregon, in theory, but that never really worked out as we saw. I was there in Cleveland on donations from others to help Delegates Unbound and Free the Delegates. Those choices were because my values, my conscience, my beliefs.

And finally I have stepped up to be even more against Trump. I wrote a book. I fight on. People are already accusing me of supporting Hillary, the insults are coming, I am being called a leftist. I support the Constitution, I support stopping the illegals for real, I support the conservative values, I support Christians and Jews, and most of all I vote my conscience. That I supported Ted Cruz is immaterial, I am a Christian first, a conservative and Constitutionalist second, a strong and free America supporter third, fellow Veteran supporter fourth, and for fifth I would be a remarkable father if given the chance…  and Ted Cruz does not even make the top 5 of my list. Yes I support him, but I support all people like him, be them Senator, Representative, Governor, to even a citizen in the street.

You cannot change me for insults, and the title #NeverTrump is always going to be far more than fighting against Donald Trump. We shall be known for our enemies, we shall be known by those who wish to crush us, and since we are not them, we are more than they ever will be. I am Michael Harrington, and I am #NeverTrump!