A #NeverTrump response

A person I know played the “you are voting for Hillary” card on me today. I just went off on him. However after I finished the post I thought I would share it with you all. Yes I got a little pissy with him, he is a grown man and should act it. Facebook loved it so much I just had to share here.


Ok child, it is time for me to put the spanking down.

1) I vote not party line but conservative line
Donald Trump has explicitly failed that measure. I judged McCain and Mitt Romney to be D’s, I judge Trump to be an F-Minus.

2) I was with Delegates Unbound and Free the Delegates
We tried to save the party from having Trump, we really did. If we had succeeded another candidate would have existed. Are you saying you would vote for that candidate if we had succeeded? How’s your conscience on the issue?

3) Not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary?
Let us test this hypothesis. Trump has 100 votes, Hillary has 100 votes. I do not vote for either. Has either score gone up? No. Now if I voted for Hillary her votes go to 101.

4) Voting for Hillary part 2
Imagine a really nasty sandwich you found under the seat of your car. The bread is utterly green, the cheese is brown, and the meat is yellow. Now imagine that under the passenger seat you find a green deflated orange. Green as in the spores launched an attack on your nose when you touched it. You can eat either one. Please feel free to choose one.

5) A vote for Ted Cruz is a throw away
You are correct. I will not get Ted Cruz elected. In fact even if he got a million votes he will not get a single electoral vote at all. In all those regards you are correct. And yeah if they want to play technicalities who is that man named Ted Cruz?

Where you fail, and fail miserably is that while it could be any candidate we want, if the write in is made, it is recorded in many States. Not all, and in some the whole ballot gets thrown out. But in Oregon there will ultimately be a list of the names who got votes. The same with New Hampshire, the same with a number of other States.

In some States they will list how many names were rejected due to sore loser laws, but not list the names. All of this is expected. But the deal is the RNC, Trump, the Republican Party…. they all three… will see the statistics, the names, the tallies.

6) A vote for Trump is a loss anyways
No seriously. There is no way he can win at this time short of Hillary AND Tim Kaine both accidentally getting found sleeping with Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. Maybe even not that will disgust the Democrats enough to not vote. The problem you have is simple.

a) Trump is behind by 10% in most polls. The Republican party is represented by 90% most often in turn out, but Trump is only getting 84% of the Republicans. Since Republicans only make up about 26% of the population where Democrats made up 29%. These polls will get worse as outlined below. Therefore 7.4% of the missing numbers is from Democrats and Independents. Even if Trump got the same numbers percentage wise as Reagan, from Republicans, he would still lose in a landslide.

b) Trump can only go down. The reason for this is many. This section deals with the 11th Commandment. All Hillary has to do is go on FB, Twitter, and Disqus with fake accounts and troll the conservative side of the party as if they were Trumpers. Use offensive behavior, use offensive methods. She will keep the party divided and cost Trump further votes. His violating the 11th Commandment is his own doom. His supporters also doing so is just doom squared.

c) Trump can only go down part two. An examination of the “Tabs” as they call them in the polls shows a scary thing. Hillary is currently out performing Barack Obama in all demographics except White Males. She has 99% of the Black vote! There is no way Trump, who by coincidence is under performing Dole, McCain, and Mittens on all aspects except in uneducated white males. You cannot make this stuff up!

d) Trump can only down part three. Ever examine the Trump campaign? He has no campaign. He has less staffers now than he did in the Primaries! He has no offices in critical swing COUNTIES which will decide Swing States. Even the so called increases in voter registrations turned out to really be not so big after all

e) Trump can only go down part four. Trump claimed to have raised nearly 100 million in cash over the last quarter. Except when his FEC filing was submitted (in the last hour of the last day allowed mind you) his performance was between a third and half of what he said it was. We can split the hair and say it was nearly 2/5ths what it should have been. Trump has no cash compared to Hillary, the RNC is running at their lowest revenue sources since Bob Dole (and if you adjust for inflation they were rich then compared to now). No one loves Trump, they are not willing to donate to him.

7) Trump cheated to get his nomination.
Want proof? Buy my bloody book.

8) The RNC cheated to keep Trump.
Want proof? Buy my bloody book.

9) Trump is bought and paid for.
Yes I said he is OWNED LOCK STOCK AND BARREL. Want proof? Buy my bloody book.

10) I am preparing the Party for a most extremely painful lesson
You see for the last two decades they have not listened to us. Heck even going almost three decades. They run these failure candidates who cannot possibly win. They fight the true conservative candidates who can win.

Take polling. In the Primaries Trump was within 1% of his polling, statistically averaged, throughout the entire season. Ted Cruz however out performed his polling by an amazing 10%, statistically averaged, throughout the entire season.

Take fundraising. Jeb Bush was mostly funded by old guard Republicans and his Super PAC was funded by Establishment bundlers. Ted Cruz out performed Jeb Bush and his was mostly grassroots money in far smaller sizes on average. Trump on the other hand has claimed he would sell a building for a billion dollars, never did that, and has only put in about 43 million of his own cash. When my patent sells I am putting 100 million into just infrastructure in Oregon. Trump is weak.

11) Trump has crappy proxies for a reason
No one can be allowed to compare with Trump without Trump seeking to destroy them. His ego will not allow a high level proxy to support him. Meanwhile Ted Cruz allowed Roe, Cuccinelli, Beck, Levin, and others to shine as bright as they wanted to as they gave him support. Hillary gives a rat ass if someone is brighter than her, so long as they support her for President. Trump eats his own.

12) Insert 100 more things here.
No seriously I mean it. My book has 47 chapters, a Forward, an Introduction, and an Afterward. I could have written 150 chapters with ease if I had the time. The content is out there, and in droves.


Trump will not be President and I have nothing to lose for showing my conscience.