Trump cannot stop imitating Ted Cruz

Today a friend told me she got two separate mailers from Trump. Tera Brinkley, a fellow #NeverTrump believer was astonished at the audacity of the Trump Campaign. She demonstrated the pictures to me on Facebook, and I offered to post here. She was pleased at the idea.

Back in the Primaries, in fact in Iowa, Trump went ballistic over the mailers the Ted Cruz campaign was sending out. One of the complaints, one that got a lot of real and fake news sites to talk about it, was a mailed fake check.


14125070_2070264949864580_853571826246581884_oRedStateWatcher, USNews, and more all jumped on board this mailer with gusto. To the Trump side it was an affirmation that Ted Cruz could not be trusted, that he used any tactic to win, etc.

Behold the Trump mailers received recently.




and this bigger one:


Now to prevent poor Tara from getting death threats and harassing mail, I have edited out her address.


Trump of course has used many of the Ted Cruz things. From the wall (First talked about by Ted Cruz in 2011), to various other policies and complaints, Trump has stolen what he could from Ted Cruz in his efforts to destroy the Republican Party and maybe at the same time get to be President.

Sadly this is going to be one of those things I do not include in my soon to come out book, as it would require a bit too many words to describe it without images, but it is what it is. #NeverTrump is alive, it is well, and it will not tolerate the Trump destruction of the Republican Party and of conservative ideals.