Discover the real truth about the Constitution Party

So I have started something which seems to be growing in need. You see the Constitution Party is going all out to try to slander any who oppose them. That would include me. But they made a mistake, you see the more you attack me, the more I come out swinging. The Truth will set us all free, free from this group.First I would like to go over policy. Many people think this group represents them, but if they are shown a deeper look they start to worry, then they start to give up the idea of joining the Constitution Party.

First we need to go over Military Policy (link) The following screen shots will demonstrate the problems here.

So as the first graphic shows, they object to NATO. Under NATO U.S. Troops serve at times under different commands, and can be expected to do so. Remember World War Two? General Patton was at times under the command of General Montgomery. And of course the British were under US Command with Eisenhower.The last line in that screen shot really drives the policy of the Constitution Party home. That one line assures they want NO DEFENSE TREATIES.

The one above here now shows they do not respect the rights of other nations. They wish to undo time, force Panama to give back the Canal, and to own it as a US Territory. That would require an act of war, or an act of piracy. Either works I guess.

Next we have their Foreign policy (link) and… oh hey look.. they outright say they want to leave NATO (picture below)

Now some people may think that this idea might have Merit. Allow me one moment. NATO stopped Russia from expanding via war into a number of Nations, just the existence and treaties that it represents is enough to stop war. Additionally only one nation has ever called upon it’s allies in a time of need.That event happened when George Bush asked for assistance after the attacks on the World Trade Center. Our allies around the world, not just NATO, they all complied without hesitation. Fighters escorted aircraft that had deviated from course to landings, intelligence services gave us EVERYTHING on the spot related to the attacks as we gathered evidence, and warships patrolled where our fleet was suddenly unable to Patrol while we were in a defensive setting. They came for us in our time of need!
In regards to the above graphic let me “borrow” a line from Darrell Castle. Well only part of it. That certainly sounds familiar. Now he said that of Ted Cruz in a comparison with Barack Obama. I am comparing the Constitution Party to the policy of Barack Obama. His early pull outs resulted in the destabilization of Iraq, his bungling and not fighting them has resulted in tens of thousands dead, especially Christians mind you. They bomb cities around the World and we have been under attack by this so called “JV Team”. You do not win by hiding, you win by making the other side hide. They mimic Obama so strongly in that comment.

Line item 1 means if a major natural disaster happens they do not want us to commit aid to other nations. Even though in Katrina we had aid pouring in from other nations.

Line 2 I agree with, and line 3 is probably reasonable at face value.

Line 4 however, you do realize if they cashed in the debt we owe them it exceeds, very much so, the cash we have available right Constitution Party? So whats the answer? Everyone betrays everyone on debts? What will that do to trade? I will tell you, it will END TRADE. That aspect is important later, remember it!

And here they show they will not support a Constitutional Convention. I support one, I think that the concept of a number of amendments, all those we love and like, would be amazing! However they are afraid.
I am no friend of gambling. As a candidate for State Representative I opposed granting an Indian Tribe the rights to a Casino outside of their lands. However that said I understand that this is considered by many Tribes as a life line, that it is not against US Law to respect Treaties made with Native Americans who have a special nation status within the United States.
For being the “Constitution Party” they really do not get the rulings from a vast number of Courts, and numerous rulings by the Supreme Court. They literally are saying Porn is Unconstitutional in nature… You cannot undo that without a New Amendment!

Sigh, fine, you hate Puerto Rico but not Guam, Marshall Islands, or American Samoa. I am sure DC hates you just as much as you hate them.

This next section is the portion I have been waiting for, the method of economic collapse of the nation. (link). I get some complaints about Free Trade, when other nations do things that undermine our efforts, I get it. But what I do not understand is a Tariff tax system.

As noted earlier their “Debt payment” plan would of course prevent any sane nation from dealing with us. After all we just cost them billions to trillions in loss, or did it to others. A tariff system also is always reciprocated. Tariffs will stop many high value, low sales rate items from ever even entering the Untied States. Take a Lamborghini. The cost of one of those things is tremendous.

Further when buying a $100,000 car you usually want to try to test drive it. These vehicles are not sold on a daily basis, they sit for a long period of time before a buyer shows up. A tariff is like an up front tax on anything coming in. It is not a tax “after the sales” which would be a sales tax, it is an import tax. Therefore the Lamborghini will be taxed up front. If the vehicle does not sell the company that imported it has two choices, lower the price and lose money, or send it back and lose money on the return Tariff.

Thus Tariffs were recognized a long time ago to be ‘punishing’ of those who would try new concepts and ideas, those who were involved in high value items, and so forth. Greater minds than any that sit in the Constitution Party realized that Tariffs slowed economic growth, restricted the market, increased potential for loss, and were a punitive financial system. That is why income taxes, sales taxes, and business taxes have been enacted. Quite frankly if we enact Tariffs, without the other silliness of the Constitution Party, we could still see 5% of our jobs end due to the risks involved with the Tariff system.

Allow me another example. Bananas. Everyone I know loves them. Yet they remain a “high risk” cargo. They need to arrive quickly enough, they need to be examined quickly enough, they need to be distributed quickly enough, and so forth. Every year a certain amount of Bananas go bad before ever reaching the local markets. Under the Tariff system those bad bananas would have been taxed, and to prepare for the loss the companies would have to raise the price on ALL bananas. Under a sales tax, or corporate tax as we have now, bananas that do not succeed in reaching the market are not taxed.

I await the various excuses they will try now that I have shown it is a disaster.

The amount of Material I have on the Constitution Party pretty much demands a book. As many know I am currently writing a book about Donald Trump, the Primary, and the General Election. That book will have insights and information you will not get anywhere else. In it I reveal what I am calling the atomic, nuclear, and anti-matter weapons of politics. These are systems so strong they will help you understand how Trump got so many to support him. I also break other portions. That book comes first.

But in regards to the Constitution Party the quantity of data is like an ocean, and not much of that ocean smells nice, or sounds nice. Thus I am planning a book, hopefully to be published on Amazon in September, about the Constitution Party.

Announcing it like that also means I need to warn you. They will be attacking me ruthlessly. Already they have slandered me deeply. Mr Darrell Castle himself actually attacked me, but the funny part is he attributes another authors works as mine. Neil Stevens (link) made the vast majority of comments that Darrell Castle Castle2016 made a Note about. However only one name was mentioned, that name was my own. I do not expect Castle, a Bankruptcy lawyer, to admit he was wrong, that is not his style. But I do think it goes to his character, and we can judge him for that as well.