Darrell Castle Birther Podcast - In Transcript

I have grown tired of the Constitution Party attempting to recruit Cruz supporters. I did opposition research on them and found them not just wanting, but guilty.
Guilty of leading and heavily participating in the Birther Attacks on Ted Cruz.
Guilty of leading and heavily participating in the NWO and NAU attacks on Heidi Cruz.
Their various leaders, from their candidate for President to State Chairs, are guilty of using the terms Canada, Goldman Sachs, and more to slander our first family. They tried to be sneaky about it. Castle does Podcasts to keep people from hearing every word, to make them have to listen hard to everything to catch him in the act. It is a trick he uses well to try to snare people.
And why is he so hard up recruiting people when the Republicans in the House won’t give him the Presidency if he keeps Hillary and Trump from winning? His own wife is his campaign manager. If he can grow his party he can grow her salary.
But you are here for the transcript and why it proves that Darrell Castle is an underhanded punk who does not deserve anything from us. So here you go! My notes are in bold. Underline is used for special portions. The transcript can be verified against the actual Podcast which is here. If deleted I can host if law allows, I expect it to be deleted now, lol.
——————— Transcript ——————
Hello this is Darrel Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Wednesday 25th Mar 2015 and on today’s podcast we are going to discuss Senator Ted Cruz and his announced candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States in 2016. Note at this time Darrell Castle was not formally the Candidate for the Constitution Party but was the former Vice President Candidate for the Party.

Sen Cruz first tweeted his announcement at midnight Sunday night. Then he spoke at Liberty University on Monday morning where he made his announcement formal.
He was born in Calgary Alberta Canada in 1970 to a Cuban immigrant father and an American Citizen mother. His supporters say “natural born citizen is person who was born a citizen and not one who became a citizen through the naturalization process. Special provisions have been made from time to time for children of citizens born to parents traveling abroad or working abroad as Sen Cruz’s parents were. If you are vetting a candidate you do not open with their parents, you open with policy. Then he started talking about “Special Provisions”. And why do you start that line off as “his supporters say?

The Constitution in Article Two, Section One, Paragraph 5 says quote “no person except a Natural Born Citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution shall be eligible to the office of president. Neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have obtained the age of 35 years and been 14 years a resident within the United States.” end quote And why are you pushing it fully? Is his birth that much of importance?

His parents worked in the oil business in Canada his father was born in Cuba and fought with Fidel Castro against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. He was 14 years old during the Cuban Revolution. And he said he did not realize Castro was a Communist and he didn’t realize what Castro planned to do in Cuba. His father then fled from Cuba at age 18 and he landed in Texas.
His mother was born in Willmington, DL in a family of Irish and Italian decent. So long on the father, and cliff notes for the mother.

Senator Cruz was born in 1970. His parents returned to Houston in 1974. So he was 4 years old when he first came to the United States. He was Validictorian of 2nd Baptist High School and graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from 1995 in Harvard Law School and was primary editor of the Harvard Law Review and a founding editor of Harvard Latino Law Review.
He served as associate deputy attorney general of the United States and was domestic policy advisor to president George W. Bush. He was solicitor general of Texas from 2003-2008. He was adjunct professor of law at the University of Texas Law School and taught Supreme Court litigation. In 2012 he was elected to the United States Senate.
Well let’s stop for a minute. This all sound like Deja’ vu doesn’t it. Let’s see now Here the next birther portion comes… wait for it

Foreign Born, Harvard Law School, Harvard Law School Editor, Law School Professor, Junior senator and 1st term and now candidate for president. Yes indeed that sounds familiar. And there it is, he just made a birther comparison between Barack and Ted Cruz.

Well Senator Cruz is obviously trying to unite conservative voters especially the religious ones. Those voters who want to deny the Republican Party establishment another nomination. He offers himself as an uncompromising champion for evangelical Christian Voters by officially announcing at Liberty University. He tied his candidacy to conservative Christian Values and signaled his outreach to evangelicals. Which means he plans to be what you could never be Mr. Castle?

His policy positions are pretty well known but they are right there on his campaign website for anyone to see TedCruz.org
His position are
#1 Repeal Obamacare he led the fight to defund it and he filibustered it for 21 consecutive hours but now that his wife Heidi lost her coverage at her old firm Goldman Sachs he says he will enroll in Obamacare so go figure folks.
#2 end subsidizing corporations including the export import bank
#3 he is opposed to Ethanol subsides
#4 he is opposed to Federal Regulation of the Internet
#5 opposed to increasing debt limit
#6 opposed to partial birth abortion and he is opposed to state funding of abortion.
#7 he supports the right of states to define marriage
#8 he opposes Obama’s Iran deal
#9 he opposes executive amnesty
#10 he supports secure borders #11 he supports the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bare arms #12 he favors ending the IRS and passing a flat tax.

Wait, no list of what Ted Cruz has accomplished? Tisk tisk.

This is a proposal that a Washington Post writer said yesterday that was so silly she didn’t think he could possibly be serious about it. Well according to the Washington Post very few of his fellow senators actually like Senator Cruz. This entire paragraph does not cover policy, but uses a third party attack.

Most don’t want his reputation of antagonism to the establishment, to the leadership. They don’t want that to rub off on them. He wants to be the champion and leader of the Tea Party which never has had a real leader. He would like to unite all those anti-establishment republicans whose voices never seem to be heard. Funny the Castle Party is now recruiting those “who never seem to be heard”.

Jeb Bush on the other hand openly rejects those values openly courts and represents the moneyed business interest of the Republican Party he is Mr. Establishment.
There will be many contenders on the right in the caucuses and primaries. Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Rick Perry among many others.
Everybody has what he believes to be a base ideological position And everybody hopes to expand and appeal to others outside that base. But finally folks can Senator Cruz do that? Can he expand his base support? And encompass enough republican voters?

He has all the establishment credentials but he doesn’t sound establishment. Another attack, trying to tie Ted Cruz in as Establishment, remember Darrell is a minority party player, he needs all Republicans, but especially outsider ones, to be called Establishment.

Time will tell folks. At least that’s the way I see it. Until next time this is Darryl Castle.

————————— End Transcript ——————–

Darrell Castle was not vetting Ted Cruz, he was attacking Ted Cruz. If he was vetting Ted Cruz then he should have mentioned some of the astonishing work he did at the Federal Trade Commission, he completely left out what Ted Cruz did as Solicitor General of Texas as well. This was not a vetting piece, this was a blatant guide on how to attack Ted Cruz.

In my next piece I shall demonstrate how his orders got carried out fully by the Constitution Party, how they went full on to attack Ted and Heidi Cruz. I will demonstrate it was not just isolated, it was not a “verbal error” but it was the culture of their party, the disease that rots the inside of the improperly named party.

I am never going to lie to you, but Darrell Castle, the bankruptcy lawyer, has lied to you when he recently made a video saying he never was against Ted Cruz. He was, and it is obvious if you take the context in properly. Double speak only works on the ignorant, not those wise to it.