The only option left for #NeverTrump / #NeverHillary

There is no way I can vote for either Trump or Hillary. No third party will ever be allowed to have the Presidency even if they got the most electoral votes (they will not get 270).

The Democrats and Republicans both have need to stop any third party efforts, therefore any silliness of getting Johnson to be the spoiler is just that… Silliness. If there is a 3 way tie then Congress chooses the President and the Senate chooses the Vice President.

The House, by Constitutional Law, chooses from the top 3 Presidential candidates. The Senate, by Constitutional Law, chooses from the top 2 Vice Presidential candidates. The house will never ever EVER select Johnson. It would be an anathema to them, therefore drop the entire silliness now.

There is therefore only one choice, a write in campaign for a REPUBLICAN candidate. No not Ted Cruz, a write in for him has exactly zero percent chance of success due to various Sore Loser Laws. Instead we must look at other options.

Did you know some States allow you to write in a candidate without any forms being done in advance? We can literally hijack a candidate into winning Electoral Votes. We can hijack say Senator Mike Lee of Utah, who has name recognition, popularity in States that would be needed to do this plan, and is acceptable as an alternative to two leftist candidates.


This is the only way to get past the Republican logjam in the House, the only way to stop Trump, and the only real chance to get enough people to vote to stop Hillary.