The eye of the RNC Storm

I am here in the office of Delegates Unbound, the last man here while the rest were whipping strongly. Watching social media, getting files and other things electronically as needed.

We had won. I know the numbers. We had won in a landslide. The numbers were significant and very real. Given that the RNC withheld delegate information from us, given we had to generate it all ourselves, given that we had a short time to do all the miracles we did. We did it with room to spare.

Our whips got 9 States before the convention started, we handed copies out to the media, that same media I imagine will question those delegates on the forms later. But in the convention we were popular. We added 2 more States without issue and an urgent request for all blank delegate forms we had here came down. I left the office on foot to deliver them to one of our Whips. Some many wanted to sign and were waiting.

The RNC acts as if two of our submissions never happened, and that 3 were invalidated by Delegates signing a form withdrawing their support for us. We had to show our delegates, they won’t show who supposedly withdrew. They did a voice vote twice, both times we were louder, but they judged against us.

The party bosses think we will unify in fear of Hillary. Do you see what they have become? They want all the power they can get and they will do anything to get it. They also expect us to just to roll over when they say we must. We have the numbers, they do not. We have the power ultimately by withdrawing from them. They are as bad as the Democrats at this exact moment.

Their cheating made us walk out. If you were connected to our Text Messages you saw enough to know we were against a challenge. The walk out happened, including three full delegations. Ken Cuccinelli threw down his credentials and walked out. Mike Lee tried to convince the RNC to follow the rules. None of it seems to have effected the punch drunk RNC and Trump supporters who think fracturing the party means we will follow them like beat upon pets.

These pets have teeth, these pets do not recognize you as a lesser evil anymore. Here and now you have caused a divide that cannot mend, and more so you added to our ranks significantly. The tide turns, your time is soon over and the parties you enjoyed so much ended. Study the Whigs, for the fate of them appears to probably be your fate.

Never have I had so much disgust. Never have so many others had so much disgust. All across social media I see calls to quit the party, I see calls to stop financing the party, I see calls to protest the party.

Trump had so little a chance before, but now he has no chance. None at all. A party divided so soundly is one that cannot possibly win an election. Oh by the way that also means many Senate Positions and many Representative positions. I am not voting down ticket anymore, I am not voting Republican anymore. I am voting conservative while remaining in the Party until a clear choice is available. I suggest the same of all others. VOTE CONSERVATIVE FOREVERMORE but never ever a fake conservative. 13668961_1635365726480675_1915313035490111075_n