Delegates Unbound is going to fight


Last night after days of discussion #FreeTheDelegates and #DelegatesUnbound came to a decision on the course of the effort. There comes a time when all people must rise up and say enough, even if it is in their own political party. That moment happened this last week when the Rules Committee played every trick there was to get their votes and to gavel out against anything they feared the most.

Surprisingly while comments like “the voters have spoken” and “will of the people” were front and center I never heard “Republicans” in that same conversation. I would invite you to watch the rules committee again via the videos generated. The “jammed printer” excuse was exactly that, an excuse. With the leaders pulled out they used their people to pressure delegates with ideas opposite of their own. They pushed the committee into the late hours and tried pushing past with gusto the parts the party bosses feared the most.

They will not enjoy our plans therefore. We plan to vote down the rules. As one of the Whips of Delegates Unbound I have seen the numbers, I know the views of the various conservative factions. This is our aim. We have the goal of more than seven States. We are marching fast and hard.

The rules committee was a disaster to conservative causes. From the conscience vote to closing the primaries we were dashed upon the rocks via parliamentary maneuvering to behind the scenes power plays. Everyone in the conservative ranks agrees, the Rules Committee was unsatisfactory.

I know why there was a push to close the primaries. I have never seen the Ted Cruz, Jeff Roe, Ken Cuccinelli data files on this. Instead I did my own homework which made me conclude 12 million Democrats voted in our Primaries and Caucuses. So I know why a portion of our forces were focused on ending Open Primaries. I get it. Yes that is about the long-term survival of the Party. But so is conscience.

The Democrats deny God as of the last Democrat Convention. We all know the Party of God is the Republican Party. Faith is not just allowed here, but desired here. So why would we force the Amish, why would we force Pro-Life, why would we force conscientious objectors to vote for people they cannot morally and religiously support? Why would we dare take the voice of the people away in these times? Why would we deny their rights at all, the rights our Founding Fathers felt so passionate about when they wrote the Constitution?

So a floor fight is happening, we are not going to be silenced, we all are united in cause that the rules committee, with the elites, went too far and the power grab was a power grab too far. How about you let them know that as well? Care to add your voice then email, call, and text them. Make them aware that they were indeed going too far, that a new set of rules must be drafted if there is to be peace.