Democrats in Republican Voter Rolls

Two weeks ago I published that 12 million Democrats crossed over. I defiantly claimed all of them voted for Trump, and used a “Trumper” websites 15.3 million vote count on purpose. That was designed to make people think.

operationchaosreverseThe 12 million part is very correct. Even amateur mathematicians can conclude 10-12 million crossed over if they know how to average out. The research portion is not very difficult, just may take some time.

Trump got approximately 14 million votes from official sources. Politico and RealClear Politics have smaller numbers, but that is because they stopped worrying about a State after the appearance that all votes were counted happened, wherein State Departments will work hard to count every last ballot.

Throughout the election we saw that Trump got far more votes in Open Primaries than he did in Closed ones, percentage wise. We also saw Vehicles with banners advocating to change registration to vote for Trump, we saw websites and Facebook groups dedicated to tutoring people when to change and where they could do registration changes at.

Hillary has had 8 years to plan for this campaign, she has had nearly 4 years to account for Benghazi, she has had advanced notice on her Server issue and was able to plan for that. One can conclude that Hillary planned for Democrats under her sway to vote as bloc’s for the weakest possible candidate.

Cross Over voting is not new. Operation Chaos, and Operation Chaos II by Rush Limbaugh in 2008 was in revenge for Democrats doing cross over voting in 2000. The vote tampering was far less back then, but still significant enough to sway our elections. This was doubly true for local elections.

13330474_10210155655670175_500135186_nSouth Carolina is home to Open Primaries, and the Democrats while not usually in power have used it extensively to put people they prefer into office under the Republican banner. State Senator Martin was one of those who got into power because of Democrats. He supported causes we normal Republicans would turn our noses up to. He was elected in 1992.

It was so bad that Stacy Shea, one of the two women credited for helping candidate Rex Rice defeat the incumbent that they frequently found Bernie and Hillary signs with Larry Martin signs.

Stacy and her partner Diane Hardy specifically grew angry at Larry supporting Open Primaries, recruited Rex to run against him, and pushed with a volunteer corps that most politicians would envy to knock on every door they could in the State Senate campaign.

But let me return to talking about Trump. The idea that Trump got 12 million out of 12 million Democrat cross over votes was never realistic, but I wanted someone to challenge me, to run the numbers, and verify 12 million Democrats did in fact cross over. Since there was 31,153,000 (rounded) Republican votes cast, this means 38.5% of our votes were cast by intruders in our States (averaged out, individual States vary). Trump likely got 8 to 9 million of those votes.

I give weight to those numbers, 8 to 9 million, by how Open Primary States voted. The significance of those States versus the Convention States and the Caucus States cannot be understated. Closed Primary States also saw significant issues.

This is not Hillary doing worse than expected, by that many Democrats supposedly not voting, these are not new voters for Republicans, most polling companies will assume that the general elections are generally close and that the small amount of difference is in true undecided voters. For many of them this is less than 10%, meaning they presume each candidate starts off with 45% of the vote and either fail really bad to drop under that, or compete to get as much of that 10% undecided as they can. This is science. There are many reasons for how this science works, and I will tell you that breaking that mold is usually hard.

But Trump is set to break that mold, and with skill. Only not in any way any Republican wishes. His numbers look like he may end up getting under that 45% without undo difficulty, giving Hillary at minimum 55% and therefore all of the Battleground States.

You see there is enough science in the polling companies, in the history of the elections, in the mathematics I performed to show that in fact there really was 12 million or so Democrats who helped choose our nominee.

So what happens if we change the numbers to reflect this?

The election turns out like this:

  1. 7,309,863 Cruz (38.16%)
  2. 5,004,841 Trump (26.13%)
  3. 2,786,274 Kasich (14.55%)
  4. 2,513,879 Rubio (13.12%)

I deducted 9 million from Trump, 500,000 from Cruz, 1.5 million from Kasich, and 1 million from Rubio to get these numbers. The presumption is some Democrats would vote Cruz to prolong the election, Kasich in far larger numbers to prolong it, and Rubio would have obtained some in some areas as well.

Make no mistake, Trump is the 2nd Democrat choice, but not in any positive manner for Trump. I do not think Trump will be open to suggestions of leaving for honorable reasons, the man is an opportunist. However his opportunity is that in realizing that the Democrats have barely begun to fight him, and that he is suffering so badly, that his business empire will collapse at the end of the General Election and without a win. This makes him a double loser.

Right now Trump could actually come out a strong winner by admitting that the Democrats put him in, that he has no chance, and by dropping out. Almost all of the animosity against him inside the Republican Party would vanish, his brand would escape without more issues, and he could extract reasonable promises from major Republicans that could benefit him.


However I have no faith in Trump. Which is why I am going to make some bold comments here.

1) I am going to be a multi-Billionaire. I have a Patent and Patent Pending on new methods to store data. Delegates who want a political future should be in mind I have three states, Ally, Neutral, Enemy. Ally means amazing funds, support, and so forth. I plan to put billions into politics and with regards to current events I look on Trump allies as enemies.

Solomon Yu by chance you are in my home State, I will be the main fund source by about a multiple of 2 over all other Spending in Oregon for the next few elections. Maybe not ballots so much, but definitely elections including PCP’s. Consider this a warning shot across your bow.

No I do not want to talk here about the Patent, that could be considered marketing. Needless to say I have something that is extremely profitable and if you wish details go google me and find my contact information to talk about it outside this forum.

2) Trump will end most of the establishment funding for a while. This means those without the means to survive will have to work real jobs outside of politics for a while. Jobs that are going to be harder to get under a Hillary Economy. Removing Trump saves a lot of traditional political support positions and gives a real chance to raise funds to support the whole of the army.

3) Removing Trump gives the media much to talk about, and talk they will. Far better for your media numbers than keeping Trump in. Watch how badly Fox News has stumbled, you can instead garner far more with his tantrums than with him staying. So ironically throwing him out is your best outcome for ratings.

4) A convention change also helps Clinton, for you Clinton people. After all it gives headlines about the candidate who stole the nomination. Now I do not think it enough to save her, and I do not want her saved, but you media need to think on that angle. So that you might go with ratings and get the idea that it could cover her.

5) Release valve. The nation is on glass that is cracking, with a 5000 foot drop under the glass to sharp pointy metal thingees. The tension right now is that big and if Trump becomes the nominee, loses because all of his faults, and Hillary goes to win with epic level instead of barely… There could be actions I do not wish to see happen. Therefore I need to warn all parties… The poo is about to get real if people do not wake up. A new candidate alienates only about 5 million real Republicans, and those being the absolute worst of our society and already being watched mostly. I am willing to piss them off for a release valve that saves this nation.

6) Trump has already lost anyways, so why not use a video game like reset and try a different strategy? His funds are anemic, he wont talk about cash on hand, he wont turn his loans into donations, he is not doing anything substantial, he has no volunteer corps, he has no offices, he has nothing, is doing nothing.

7) Actually he is doing something. He keeps providing controversial statements and actions that garner the worst sort of headlines. The kind where if a group tried to primary a bunch of incumbents for not helping remove Trump as the candidate, they could call themselves something like “The New Republicans” and the fact they opposed Trump would be popular enough to unseat big and important politicians like Mitch McConnell without regards to his heavy cash stockpiles.  The Republican Party can survive a loss, but not a Trump loss, and keep the Establishment in power. I say this because I have seen they stay in regardless of short term issues, but major issues will cost them. Reagan had 8 years, then immediately they were back in power again.

8) Delegates if you want political power, and so much you can dictate laws you want passed… Remove Trump. The votes then will be mixed in results for a bit, and politicians will swear anything to get your vote. You could effect major changes by forming groups of 20 or so individuals plying for one major change. Right to Life Delegates for example could push for an end of all Planned Parenthood funding. Social Conservatives could push a similar level change. Military ones could get an aircraft carrier possibly. The promises will flow and flow. You want political power… this is how you get it. This is how you get chits to become a future Senator, Representative, or some major cabinet position.


So in all… It is in everyone’s interest, except Trump and his minions (5 million only and half of that just because he was winning at the time!), to remove Trump. I won’t go into the details of how the Establishment could further gain on this, and gain huge. Let their own strategists do some work there.



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