12 Million Democrats voted in the Republican Primaries

After a lot of work I have finished my math calculations. A simple effort will show that from 2000 to 2008 there was a change in Primary votes of 10-12 million. Ten million more Republicans and 12 million less Democrats. But this is child’s play. Getting deeper, examining States with close polling prior to the registration requirements, States with a clear winner in polls prior to registration change requirements, and you can set patterns.

Using 2000 and 2008 as baselines, the conclusion was staggering. Trump only got about 3.3 million Republican Votes. The rest are Democrats, approximately 12 million of them.

I also found via my studies by going back to 1992 that this behavior is not new, in fact even when there is a tight contest about 5% will “strategically vote” in the Republican Party primary/caucus. Even more disturbing is that it appears that there may be even a 5% not normally detectable, of Republicans who only vote Democrat. Aka plants that we always knew existed.

In some circumstances the vote differences were so extreme that it defies explanation. Only for one election did I not find good information, and that being an incumbent versus a challenger I could ignore it safely.

Of 31 million who voted in the Republican Primary 38% approximately were Democrats.

Even in Oregon, a Closed Primary, we saw 110,000 change registration in time, and my calculations are approximately 80,000 voted for the perceived weakest candidates. They chose our Presidential Candidate, they chose our US Senate Candidate, and they chose our Governor Candidate. Ironically they did not vote strongly down ticket including for Secretary of State, and this assisted in my efforts to calculate the percentage who actually voted versus those who did not.

I would like to break this down to precise, exacting numbers, with names, addresses, to do a full study. I would love it if people would help me get voter registration lists for their States for 2014 and for 2016 after the Primary/Caucus in their State. I would like to demonstrate exact precision numbers to show how horrific it is, and to demonstrate these people deliberately chose the weakest candidate.

In any event our election was stolen. Trump would be in fourth, or worse, without Democrats, he would probably only have won New York and considering he would be doing so badly when that election happened it is unlikely even there. We have been tossed to the ground and electorally gang raped by Democrats.

I am willing to talk in general on methods, but not results. I want independent verification of my efforts. This is a challenge to Republican Mathematicians and pollsters.