Hillary or Trump? I say no. Instead, an Alternative

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary

Today I am writing this epic tale, and I need you to read from top to bottom. I need you to trust in me the reasons to read it all. You see I know a Trump supporter cannot muster that, and they will skip to the bottom and not know WHY I made the call I am making for everyone. It’s very important, please read all the way to the bottom.

I first want to bring to attention the math I am working on in another post. I made the call to prioritize this document, but the results are clear, 3.5 to 4 million (maybe more, I am still looking over closed Primary States) Democrats voted in our election. We all can figure out who they probably were voting for, but allow me to say it. They were voting for the “weakest candidates” as is the norm for Democrats who cross-over. Cross-over votes are not uncommon. In fact, they are becoming more and more common. Operation Chaos by Rush Limbaugh in 2008 was payback for Democrats who interfered in our 2000 elections.

So we have two of the most hated candidates in the history of the world running for President. Hillary Clinton is the least inspiring candidate since probably Walter Mondale the day before Reagan ran him over in the General Election. But we just had to go and one up her, admittedly with help from Democrats, and elect someone actually worse than she is.

Both of them are thinking higher taxes would be good (Donald, Hillary). Yes it’s true. Both think judges with issues would be excellent on the Supreme Court, though Trump‘s are a little better than Hillary‘s. Trump would promote mass murder of innocents, while Hillary is said to have killed a few dozen people in the quiet of the night (Conspiracy or not, does not matter, she has never advocated war crimes). Hillary actually has better trade policies than the tariff that Trump would put in place. Hillary does not advocate going after companies that do business outside the United States and Trump does. Economically surprisingly Hillary is a bit better than Trump outside our nation, while Trump might lightly edge her out inside the nation. However the ‘edging out’ still spells “Economic collapse and 10-20% unemployment”. Trump has advocated “Defaulting” on our debt, while Hillary has of course advocated raising the debt ceiling. Both of these are disasters. If you default on a Trillion dollars in debt to a nation do you think any nation is going to be willing to do trade deals with you? If you get debt so high it consumes half our tax revenues how is it sustainable? Both are disasters.

Trump is no longer averse to meeting their demands.
Trump is no longer averse to meeting their demands.

Both are for minimum wage increases (Trump, Hillary), both love government run healthcare, Hillary Defends Obamacare while Trump wants to replace it with an ambiguous “something better“. Looking at military policy Trump would, in theory, be better than Hillary, except Trump thinks we pay too much which is why he wants to rent our military out, or require allies to pay in order to expect help in the event of war. In either ones view we are not supposed to be a Super Power. Incidentally, Trump wants to expand the nuclear circle to allow other nations to have nukes. By the way did you know Pakistan and India almost had a nuclear war?

For those who believe in a New World Order (NWO) Trump has hired one of the leaders of that effort. He also suggested another could be part of his administration. In terms for Agenda 21 Trump represents a higher danger as he could get Republicans to pass the agenda without issue, Hillary would have to fight tooth and nail to achieve it. Donald Trump believes in subsidizing Green Energy so there is no difference between Trump and Hillary there.

In major terms a Trump presidency is more likely to lead to war and dead US Soldiers. He takes offense quick, does not examine laws or rules, and reacts on emotion. Hillary is more likely to avoid wars and to reduce the US presence in affected areas overall. It is hard to determine which will cause more US Citizens abroad to die, the Trump plan to kill the families of terrorists versus the Hillary withdrawals will be different in scope and difficult to analyze. As a Veteran, a former infantryman (Mortars, DEATH FROM ABOVE!), I paid for this YouTube video which shows how horrified I am of the entire thought of forcing soldiers to do such evil.

In terms of determining if someone is a Domestic Terrorist… something which was escalated under Obama… I cannot identify which will be worse. Trump has already indicated a deep and burning desire, and a long history of meting out revenge upon those who do not follow him blindly. He has sent letters to women nonstop after he has gotten angry over them, and to news reporters. His legacy of lawsuits also indicates he pursues any perceived slight to the maximum effect. Hillary is known to be willing to use any tools she can to crush the conservative movement. However it should be noted that Hillary, if we retain Congress somehow, would be fought tooth and nail by rank and file Republicans, where most Republicans would fold to the demands of Donald Trump. Therefore Donald Trump represents a greater domestic threat than Hillary Clinton.

We can be called Domestic Terrorists, our families can therefore be targeted? Trump scares me badly.
We can be called Domestic Terrorists, our families can therefore be targeted? Trump scares me badly.

I pegged the ideology of Donald Trump early on when I identified him as a Nationalist Socialist. This means that his tendency to ignore the property rights of individuals for companies and government is strong, that he believes in a strong nation yet also believes in activities of retribution to those who offend that nation (in his view). He will be of the type that helps labor unions stay in power, for his type enjoys unions being there. He will play powers off against each other to reduce them while increasing his own power. A recent example of this practice is how diminished Sarah Palin and Chris Christie have become since their alignment with Trump. It also plays out inside his own campaign staff with Manafort and Corey. He will support big government policies, the larger the better. Inefficiency is not a worry, so long as it appears that everyone is working. This means that while the minimum wage may increase, the buying power of individuals will decrease in relation to current levels.

Hillary Clinton is a Socialist Tyrant. She believes that by giving services to the people she can gain power over those people. By trapping people in a circle of dependency she can trap them to continue to vote for benefits. She will raise taxes and increase types and amounts of benefits. What might be next from Hillary? Well Section 8 Housing is a mess, and so is most other socialized housing assistance. What she might do is set up a food stamp-like allowance for families living in ‘poverty’. This will effectively make living in poverty better than struggling to maintain middle class status. As a tyrant she enjoys less union support because she tends to crush those who do not follow her ‘guidance’.

Therefore, in the comparison of political ideologies we do not see a net improvement of one over the other. Both are in the regions we would consider the worst types for leadership of our nation. This also complies with their abortion views. Ok so maybe we don’t know the ‘current‘ view of Trump on abortion, he seems to change it as frequently as he is asked about it. That is also a rub, we really do not know the true current views of Donald Trump, just his expressed views as a sudden candidate of the Republican Party.

Now to get to specifics of the damages that Trump will cause to our party. As you have seen he polls very badly. In fact, a majority of women and college age voters will not vote for him. Women forming the majority of the voting population and the youth being our future leaders this bodes poorly for future growth of our party and for the current election. The #NeverTrump movement is also quite real and includes many who will sit the Presidential Election out, despite assurances from “Party Leaders” that we won’t. I swore long ago that I would not vote for him and I have not changed an inch on that, nor will I change my mind.

Many people however will likely sit the election out. This has happened in a number of elections and is a frequently cited reason for the Romney and McCain losses. Uninspiring was a commonly used term for them, and where dislike may have been used by some, we now see the word hate. In the case of Trump hate has replaced uninspiring. This is a significant emotion change and indicates a higher amount of voters will not be there in the election for Trump.

This means electoral maps that have been shown to have Trump losing significantly are in fact realistic. However, these maps do not include the oppo research files on Trump. Those files will further depress the vote significantly. More on those files in a moment.

Yes the Electoral Maps will be a reverse of the Reagan thumping on Mondale. We are the biggest loser here.

Trump has already significantly affected the Republican Party. The number of people quitting the party is starting to be significant, but more so is the sudden growth of people looking at the libertarian party. While unlikely to get a Presidential Candidate elected without significant assistance, it is worth noting that they should easily pass the 5% threshold which will give them public funding in the next election cycle. Yes the Libertarians will be there with gusto in 2020 because of the millions of dollars in public money they will finally get. Actually I think without assistance that they may actually get 10% or more of the vote this cycle from people casting displeasure showing votes.

Trump has significant issues going forward however. The opposition research I did for “Stand For Principle Super PAC” was scary in the least. His files will be aired out with high priced advertising firms making ads not just for Hillary and the DNC, but for candidates who wish to paint other Republicans as supporting a monster. This had in fact started just before the Indiana vote. The DNC has allotted $20 million in advertising starting next month and running until the Convention. This does not include individual candidate spending or what spending Hillary Clinton will start to do now that she has essentially won the nomination as well. I note the media turned on Trump sharply. Instead of being supportive they went complete opposite the moment he won Indiana. All the press except a few on the Right who are significantly damaged for their unbridled support of Trump has turned. Trump received approximately 2.5 billion in supportive press. It is likely he will get approximately 4 billion in negative press from this point. Fox News, the former front runner of cable ratings, is now trailing CNN for ratings after their efforts to support Trump caused many viewers to turn them off. This is very significant going forward.

Yes that David Duke, he has endorsed Donald Trump.
Yes that David Duke, he has endorsed Donald Trump.

Trump has a significant problem with racist behaviors. This includes being tried in court and being found guilty of housing discrimination. He set up a deal after the trial instead of taking a court ordered punishment. He broke the deal and was tried again just three years later. More so he repeated in the 80’s. Then when an Indian Casino threatened his business he went after the tribe, calling them trailer trash and saying they were a source of drugs and violence. He made another Tribe dump his management contract as well. Trump also verbally attacked some youths who were arrested for being in a park after hours, where they were initially suspects in a murder/rape. When they were released after the real criminal was found, he still maintained that they should not have been in a park in the dark (Ask me how many times I walked around in the night, thinking, looking for my girlfriend, or joining friends for something to do). By the time Hillary is done with him no blacks, no Latino’s, and no Native Americans will vote for Trump.  This is damaging in extremis.

Trump also has an issue with sexist behavior. This pattern goes back to his college days and appears to have never really stopped. His “Personal Vietnam was dodging sexually transmitted diseases”, he cheated on all three of his wives (1, 2, 3), he stalked Princess Diana, and his letters to other women show character that is significantly flawed. By the time Hillary is done showcasing it all, presenting his rape trial of an underaged girl (oh did I forget to mention that?), his trips to a Sex Slave Island (oh did we forget that also? Though Hillary won’t push this hard since Bill visited it also, but someone will, lol, too good to pass up), and his behavior to women in general…. He wont get 75% of the women.

Trump has been a bully. His behaviors include sending letters with his hand outlined in gold felt tipped pen, sending an annual letter to those he crushed, and in mocking people with whom he is upset. Some of these victims have their letters saved up, waiting for a chance to use them against him. This is not going to win independents to Trump, and most Republicans feel like they have these things called “Values” which this sort of behavior is not going to be listed under. Trump is going to get hurt badly when these things come to light.

To those who wish to stop Trump, it might be possible to get Trump out before the Convention. Make a list of everything, do the oppo research, have a Facebook Group assigned just for the opposition research, make a list, include links on that list, and get people to commit to spreading the word on ALL of the issues. It may be that Trump gets a few polls showing he loses by 30% to Hillary’s 70% and he decides that being the biggest known loser is worse than acknowledging that he would lose and to step down “with conditions”. We have to give him a POSITIVE WAY OUT or he will not step out. Believe me, every post has to include that he could ask for something in compensation for stepping down, he could get a deal, he could make demands and his supporters will possibly rise up with that notion and make their own ideas of what deals. DO NOT PROPOSE DEALS YOURSELF! Make them do it, make him do it, stay out of trying to tie Ted Cruz down you being his supporter!

Continuing on the oppo research. Trump only succeeded in business ventures when he himself was not in charge of those ventures. Every time he or his daughter tried to directly run a business it went under. This is the cause of those bankruptcies. Trump is also mathematically challenged on his claims of riches. You see he chalks a certain amount up as value of his “Brand” aka his name. The problem is when a brand is named after a person, a person who is living, that brand cannot be sold at that value. There is no significant realistic value in the Trump name. Therefore his property values apply almost entirely (he does have some commercial deals, but most of those were lost with his comments about Mexico). In this, when compared to putting your money in a blind trust across the whole of the real estate market… He made 25% of what he should have made. He is a horrible business man.

Part of the reason for this is that he deals with the Mafia so much. Did I say so much? His buildings are exclusively made by outfits run by the Mafia. He was subjected to hearings on his connections with the mob. These connections have been examined many times and proof exists that there is at least some ties with them that persist beyond the building deal.

Let us examine one of his biggest “issues” during the campaign. He attacked “Carrier HVAC” for determining that they needed to move outside of the nation. Instead of attacking the regulations that have increased domestic costs, or the tax burden that American companies suffer under Obama (the highest in the world), and he did not even try to talk about how the union there is more expensive than normal Americans and how they will never be successfully removed, he attacked them for wanting to leave, threatening to tax their products coming in higher than others products. So a Mexican company making the same product, with less costs over all, now can crush Carrier because he got mad they were forced out and could not stay any longer. Instead of addressing the problem with taxes, unions and strangling regulations,  he declared that they, the American company employing people and trying to remain afloat, were the problem! Hillary will use this angle to hurt him, while telling unions that she will look into tax credits for companies suffering from trade imbalances. She will keep their support via her messaging, Trump does not gain union support overall because of it.

Even the Wall on our Southern Border is in jeopardy. Of course no Trump supporter wants to believe this, but those of us paying attention saw not one, but two pieces of proof that Trump was thinking it was up for a deal. And of course so are those illegal aliens. Trump never intended to get rid of them so much as make them supposedly leave, register a bit, and return. The Obama registration program is the same except Obama is not forcing them to leave first. However Trump still has that “Worst of Mexico” comment hanging over his head, so any efforts he makes to woo pro-immigration will fall flat before Hillary. The same thing we said about Romneycare versus Obamacare. Trump loses if he goes fully anti-illegal because he already told us he wanted them back, he loses if he does a middle ground thing, and he loses even if he goes full citizenship. He is already in a place no normal political candidate would want to paint themselves, a middle ground with no winning edge.

Ultimately if I had to identify, on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being worst, the level of evil, wrongfulness, poor ideology, poor ideals, poor anything… Both Hillary and Trump get a 99 (Satan or an Anti-Christ being the only one for 100, yeah I think they are that bad). We could not have a worse pair of candidates sitting up there. And the Trump people want us to vote for the supposed lesser evil of Trump? I cannot see a lesser evil, just different flavors. Either I swallow the poison and die in a while, or I slit my wrists and die in a while. THERE IS NO LESSER EVIL BETWEEN TRUMP AND HILLARY.

THERE IS NO LESSER EVIL BETWEEN TRUMP AND HILLARY. Nothing can change that, they are just different flavors of evil!!!

Depressed? I am.

However there is a lesser evil available for us. One we would never ever think of before, one we would not normally support even in extremis. This is no normal election however so we must swallow our pride. We must vote for the Libertarian Candidate *(unless it is MaCaffee, he is crazy, in which case hello Constitution Party!). Now this is void if Trump drops out, then it is all hands on deck for Ted Cruz. We must push the Libertarian Party to 20%. This would terrify the heck out of the Establishment. This is their worst nightmare come true, a real effort for a third party!

Now mind you we could even get enough people to vote libertarian if the candidate decides to agree to certain principles and nominates a real conservative to be his vice president to win against the Republican Party.Yes, while an outside chance we could actually win (very poor odds, but finally measurable for Libertarians).

This would be a one time win to be sure, most of us have some significant disagreements with the economic, military, and foreign policies of libertarians (I admit, I have severe problems with their platform on drugs as well, it is a non-starter for me right there, and there are four other non-starters I have with Libertarian policy).

However they have a national presence, they have trained teams capable of scouting out for new votes, they have resources and billionaire support, they have national advocates and they have one thing you wont find in any candidates ranks anymore. Real love for their candidate. Not the myopic, fanatic style worshiping of the Trump campaign, but libertarians love their ideals, no matter the candidate. They would fight for a real chance.

Libertarians may be a 75 on some scales, a 60 on others, a 40 on yet more…. compared to the 1, 10, 25 many feel about Ted Cruz, yet these scales are far less than the pain, the agony, the anger, the frustration we feel with a choice between Hillary and Donald.

If we do this, we get Ted Cruz in 2020 without a fight, the Establishment will roll over faster than anything you ever saw. If we push hard with the issues Trump has, and if we push the Libertarian angle hard enough, we can even get them to roll before the Convention and get enough support for Ted Cruz to ethically feel like he is obligated to make an effort to seize the rules committee and make it so only he can be on the ballot. Ted Cruz will only do a push like that if we destroy Trump with his own supporters, making it very clear we will never vote Trump and if they in real sincerity reach out for Cruz as an alternative. The man has real ethics and such a move will never happen, stress NEVER HAPPEN, unless we do all three of the following:

Show how bad Trump is, show we will never vote Trump, and show we will vote Libertarian without a moments hesitation. You cannot be halfway about this, it requires a commitment to fight fire with fire. The Establishment thinks they can play brinkmanship with us, ala Kasich, via Rubio, via all of those establishment candidates. We want a real conservative or we will give them something that tastes so nasty in their mouths they will vomit.

That is us fighting them back dirty. It is us saying we are not done, we have not ceded this election to Hillary and we are here to say “NEVER AGAIN!”. Only with a loud effort so strong that they cannot possibly win, one with such a consequence that they can see the pain that Trump brings to us, the pain that a Kasich staying in just to ruin Ted Cruz, to feel the pain of our needs versus their Open Primary efforts to “moderate” our Party. NO MORE! We rebel! We say no and HELL NO! We fight! WE FIGHT!

There is, ironically, a chance that a third of the Trump supporters will migrate to the libertarian candidate as well. Many of these “crazies” who went Trump have made a normal home in the libertarian party. The rest are a mix with a higher than normal number of old people. Name recognition got them I suppose. However I doubt many will vote for Trump as the evils of Trump get aired out. We could actually, though the odds are real low, see a libertarian President. He would have to be less insane than Trump, less evil than either of them, less corrupt than Hillary, less inept than Trump, but if the candidate could meet those standards they might just get the White House. I won’t put money on it, but we can stop Trump for sure and send a signal so strong that we won’t have these fights anymore, the Establishment fears a third party.

Closing note, if we get 25% of the vote the Libertarians would be considered a “Major Party”. It would also indicate a third party could be done from the ranks of the Republican Party, aka we could do a Whigs to Republican move.

Finally, if you are a PCP, a Delegate, or a candidate, do NOT change your party please. Also be aware in your State the rules for becoming a PCP, and if changing party would risk it please do not change your party. That post is next, proving we can take the party another way as well. In fact I want no one to change their party, just vote this time. If they do not see the lesson… Then Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or someone will lead the charge with a formal new Party. The time is right, this is that moment, they will listen, or they will fall.