Kelli Ward is supported by Roger Stone (evidence)

Kelli Ward is not a conservative hero after all

Yesterday I accidentally found out, while researching candidates for US Senate, that we have a problem located in one campaign. I was doing entry level Opposition Research when I came across a tweet.

KelliWard2In this election there is no one more toxic than Roger Stone. Digging I found no post, no tweet reply, nothing to indicate that she did not turn him away. This is the guy who proposed riots if Trump is not elected, has said he would publish room numbers of those who turned away from Trump at Cleveland, and who has been making Trump supporters make threats against Delegates.

There is no one on Earth worse than this guy to many of us Cruz supporters than this guy, in the political realm. His very name is enough to create anger, disgust, mistrust.

I made a post, a small one, but it got big attention. Even at one point it was her making comments herself. She deleted them, but I have a large screenshot and these clips to use still.

All of her answers and the answers of her supporters were… Evasive. When you have been debating, when you have been fighting for freedom in the war of words you cannot just detect evasion, you hone in on evasions. A number of us immediately latched onto the evasions. Then came attacks, brutal ones commonly associated with the Trump campaign’s followers. The original post is here (link FB).

I asked one basic question the whole time, one which would end it all, and get my post deleted (prior to my waking up and seeing that Darla Dawald had launched an attack over my question and post)… The question is “Is Roger Stone currently working for, or has he worked for your campaign, or have you or the campaign paid him money in any capacity”. In politics this is a simple question. When complex answers are given it is a dead give-away.

At times I noted that the post would grow, and a single answer could end it all. That answer was never forthcoming. I messaged Kelli Ward at like 1am and she actually replied. With a non-answer. Her staffers post these silly little screen shots, which do not ask the full answer. It is a dead give-away in fact. For instance a Jerry Dagna got a reply which is very poor for someone who is running for US Senate “I didn’t hire him”. Darla, mentioned above, went further and posted a screen shot that says they are not hiring him.

She also made a large post found HERE. It says that Kelli did not hire him, that Kelli did not talk with him, and so forth. I started to doubt. Then I was pointed at further evidence before I could go digging. Now that is not an issue, in of itself. The problem is that she replied to it in a retweet. In fact she retweeted most of the comments. But this one stood out:

One simply does not spam retweet as a politician, it is a dangerous thing after all. One reads what the tweet is about, then decides to retweet or not to. She is running for US Senate, this is not amateur hour. See the retweet below:KelliWard3

So I was suddenly proven to be correct to have made my post. This is pretty firm evidence am I right? How does one get out from retweeting the scariest man in politics?

So when Darla was unwilling to cooperate to clear things up, I started digging in basic opposition research. The first thing I found was this Vice.com Fluff Article designed to increase support for Trump. Quoted in there is our our Kelli Ward (LINK). Inside there it states that she has campaigned at Trump rallies.

This lead me to local news showing Nohl Rosen works for Kelli Ward, and that he is of course a very strong local man for Trump. (link) Further research shows that yeah Kelli really did attend Trump rallies in Arizona as Trump was rolling through. In fact it was at his Mesa Arizona rally.

Then we find that Alex Jones is supporting her as well, and that she is going on his show to gain votes. Yes the Alex Jones that is 100% in the tank for Donald Trump. Are we starting to see a picture here? (link trigger warning, liberal website)
At this juncture it should be clear that there is problems, which also begs the question why are these conservative groups avoiding her so strongly? (link)

Kelli Ward never directly responded to a deliberately phrased question, but she was able to reply a lot.

Now I have been accused of being a John McCain supporter. Let me be clear on that, he has gone against our will, he has attacked the Tea Party in many ways, even calling us Hobbits, he has done some horrifically bad bills and of course he was part of a group that got nailed for bad political business. The man does not have my respect and I would normally support any Primary opponent outright. Normally. I cannot support any candidate who supports Trump however. I just cannot do it. When I see proof of back room stuff with people that scare me as much as Roger Stone… it becomes an issue where the lesser of two evils applies. I will support John McCain over Kelli Ward, and while I won’t smile while doing it, it is something that I feel must be done.

Kelli Ward is doing what a number of candidates are doing around this nation, hiding the fact that they support Donald Trump and his rhetoric. She should have said it out loud, instead of doing the things she has done. That her staffer Darla decided to attack me is really the topping on top of the cake. This could have been ended, I was not going to dig deep until you brought the fire, well here is the truth about Kelli Ward.

I call upon my fans to avoid her like the plague, to not get involved in her campaign. I call upon people to not vote for her, you can also choose not to vote for McCain, but let us not reward her with any votes. Let her see that her support of Trump, her using Roger Stone to further her ambitions, her evading the questions, her using campaign staffers to attack people that note the publicly available tweet… is not the behavior we want in the US Senate.

Friends do not let friends vote for Kelli Ward.

I am not going to lie, I expect she will have her Trump supporters come out to try to fry me. I really do. BRING IT.

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