The Trump veterans fund is used suspiciously

It starts with an anonymous source, there is a story to be told. The details were intriguing, so I pursued it. Who knew I could shake the foundation of many large persons. It starts with a lady named Becky Beach.

It started with the funds Trump raised for veterans and distributed to her (link), which is innocent enough. But a look into her organization yields an interesting name. Jeff Lamberti. These individuals are running the dog training group together. They have a bit of a history together. Including with loans to the USS Battleship Iowa (link). Oh did you see the $800,000 loan that they get interest on? Or the $250,000 paid lobbyist position quoted? Lamberti also did a separate $300,000 loan which he reports paying $20,000 to $30,000 interest a year on (seems high for just interest).

Lamberti was also at the time part of a Gaming and Casino commission (one of five members). Two casino’s had funded part of the Iowa Battleship effort and they were opposed to a Casino that was going to open, Lamberti helped shoot it down. (link) (youtube news report)

Becky Beach started on the scene in 1980 when she helped George H Bush upset Ronald Reagan in Iowa. (link) She worked in Iowa as an assistant to the Senate President. Next is when she was named to the ShePAC, the Sarah Palin Super PAC, in 2012.

What ties them in together is that now they are using another veterans thing to get yet more money. (link) Yes Becky Beach and Jeff Lamberti. Trump’s $300,000

Lamberti also however worked for Jeb Bush (link)

Another interesting item is the conviction for drug use by Becky Beach. That and one of her handlers died from using drugs.


But you see the Democrats have been watching Palin, been watching Becky Beach, and they have files already made and waiting. (link)


Remarkably Puppy Jake is a new Not for Profit, which just got $300,000 from Trump. (link). Interestingly enough Puppy Jake provided Sarah Palin a dog for Trig (the one famously seen with him standing on it). However their Not-For-Profit status says they only provide them for free to Veterans. (link)


While most of this is from liberal sources, the problems of the organizers is pretty evident, they have deep history together as operatives in Iowa, they have profited strongly from not for profit ventures, and they have unusually deep ties to Sarah Palin and financial payments from Trump.

There is more. For instance Beach was not a licensed dog handler when she got the business.


This little thing has a lot of potential to blow up. Did Sarah pay for the dog, or was it given free? Did she seek Trump to provide to these people in exchange for her endorsement? How are they all tied into this?