Donald Trump did more than mock a disabled reporter

Your are a mother, a father, a sister, a brother to a special needs person. Maybe you married someone. It can be Parkinsons Disease, it can be Spina Bifida, or arthrogryposis like this reporter. Perhaps it is Autism, or another mental disorder. Trump just gave the world permission to mock your child, your sibling, your mate. The world is going to be far more cruel to these people with conditions that dramatically affect their lives. I find it abhorrent that there are those defending this behavior. Bad enough many lie and say it never happened. Did they tease the kid missing a hand in school then say they never did so? Evil knows no boundaries. As a society we should be angry, pissed off, and resolute that this was a step too far. That this behavior is intolerable. You can mock political positions, you can trade grammar and typos, but I curse you to suffer calamity of you mock a disabled person’s injury! Please pledge against voting for Trump for this unstatesman behavior. This is not what we want in a President! AND TRUMP IF YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT SAY IT TO MY FACE YOU COWARD! http://www.washingtonpost.com/video/politics/trump-mocks-physically-handicapped-reporter/2015/11/26/9e92b950-93d6-11e5-befa-99ceebcbb272_video.html