The decline and fall of Scott Walker

Scott Walker, the decline and fall of a Republican champion.

I first heard of Scott Walker in 2010 when the first Tea Party wave pushed him and others into office. It was memorable in that he won in a critical blue State. That made him interesting.

The next I heard from him was when he took on the unions, telling them they could not do certain things anymore. His bravado was amazing and I signed up for his emails.

The endless protests, the siege of the Capital, the elected Democrats fleeing the State to prevent a quorum. Against this pressure he held firm. He won that fight.

He also won at the recalls, where the Democrats and liberals, sorry for repeating myself, put out an amazing amount of money only to have some minor pyrric victories and to see that they created a champion of the right.

His win in 2014 was almost an afterthought, the liberal effort swapped by a tsunami of Tea Party fervor. He formally made Wisconsin a Right to Work State then after the election. This completed the defeat of the Unions there.

His name was brought up as a serious contender against Jeb Bush. He was the talk of pundits and insiders. He was to crush the liberal Jeb Bush with ease. In December he was my then choice for President.

But problems started to happen. His launch did not go to expectations, he never got up high before he started to fall hard and fast.

Part of the problem was that he could not stand up well against others and show himself to be different. He seemed passive in the debate, and he struggled to get his voice to be heard.

To be sure some choices he has made have had there impact. He raised fees in his State, which proved to be very unpopular amongst his grassroots. Cries of hidden taxation abounded.

One early campaign blunder I caught was that he intended not to fight for Florida. This was seen as a colossal error, and thus the most recent news makes it worse.

His claims to have defunded Planned Parenthood also came with an asterisk, one which pro-life believers ranted against. He did cut one million from them, but two more revenue streams from the State continue to fund more than ten million to the despised company.

Walker also had conflicts with his own statements regarding immigration. Back in his early political years he was pro-amnesty entirely. Later he would claim he changed his views, only to make comments later that belied the previous statements to some degree. Even now most could not tell you what his views are.

Parents were bothered on his Common Core alternative, which seemed remarkably like Common Core. In a time when this issue is cresting he chose poorly in his policy and planning.

Walker also got some ire from gun right groups when, against State Law, he started barring Concealed Carry Weapons Permit holders from entering public buildings with their legal firearms.

Christians, already dismayed by his Planned Parenthood deceit also got flummoxed by his statements regarding gay marriage, where he called resistance to gay marriage a “generational thing”.

The toll of these and other missteps, has been that his base got disinterested. His potential maximum base kept shrinking. He now struggles to keep afloat in the polls.

But the final blow was that Scott Walker realized he could not currently win ANY early States, thus he started canceling long made commitments within other States including California, Tennessee, and Michigan. In a face saving effort he uncancelled Michigan soon after he cancelled it.

His funds are drying up, he cannot get poll numbers up, he is canceling appearances, and thus the man who was the man to beat has been beat… By himself.

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