The GMO food scare craze.

This is one of my pet peeves. This makes me frustrated that we fall for the tricks of the left that use fear to generate votes.

The World has been eating GMO food technically for millennium. In context of the current scare we have for several decades. So what does this mean? It means that hundreds of millions to several billion people have eaten GMO food. This ranges from corn, wheat, apples, and more. And over these decades there is no proof of a human die off from GMO food. In fact there is no proof of any across the board illnesses, contagions, or any issues that can be directly attributed to GMO food.

Now some will try to point at bee’s but this is a false flag operation. The problem there is we are harvesting to much honey and the bee’s need honey for their immune system and nutrition. Replacing honey with sugar is not providing the bee’s what they need. It takes a few years for the weakness of a poor diet to come to full end but it invariably does. They are wasting away due to over-harvesting of honey. The solution there is to simply leave more honey for the bees more frequently.

Now then, back to GMO food. Corn is GMO since shortly after the landing of the Mayflower. The Settlers grew strains of the corn to increase the bounty, the taste, improve the coloration, and to use less resources. Even before our scientific methods of the recent times we were always using seed from the best stock. This is true in plants and animals.

In Animals we do indeed do the same. The best bull, the best Stallion, the best Ram will be used to impregnate whole herds (or other semantic equivalent term) for increasing the quality of the stock. Dog breeding is an extreme example of this in practice.

The methods of these genetic modifications are more enhanced, more selective, but essentially are just fast forwarded versions of the old tried and true of selective use of seeds and animals.

Look there is a segment of the left that wish to reduce the human population. They want to ruin our power supplies, they want to stop our growth on land, they want to stop us from using water, cheap and effective medicines, they killed off effective pesticides, and they want to hurt our most effective food crops. They want to kill off a huge portion of our population and they make no bones about hiding the fact that they think we are to numerous and to damaging to ‘nature’.

I for one do not wish to eat plants while sleeping on dirt, grunting as I fight off a fever that could have been cured a few years prior. This is what they want for us however and we MUST ACCEPT THIS. Do not fall for their lies, do not perpetuate their lies, fight this lie like you fight their other lies (AGW for example).