A Conservative Plan

I am here today to aim people like a weapon and get them prepared. This is for our 2014 elections and to get you involved as good as I can.

This is a series of tips, methods, and duties we all should think on.

1) Find a politician you believe in.
Look I was not a Romney fan, I admit this openly. I liked Herman Cain. Everyone has their own ideals. The thing is you need to find a Politician you believe in. It does not matter if this is Local, Regional, or National. Find a politician you can believe in, even if he/she does not live in your region!

If you cannot find such a politician… RUN FOR OFFICE YOURSELF! Step up and be the politician you believe in! Start small and work your way up.

2) Become an internal member of the Party. Most people do not realize that there is two levels of being a Republican. Level one is to be registered as a voting Republican. Level two is to become a part of the Party and to become able to vote on leadership, policy, and more. In Oregon this position is known as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP). Find out more byposting here asking for details. Ronald Reagan was first a PCP.

3) Donate something to the cause. Money, time, assets, or some/all of the above. Money helps candidates, time can be phone banks, filling envelopes, knocking on doors, or designing a website. Assets can be buying and making bumper stickers (then donating them to a campaign or County), donating ad space, or otherwise providing something useful to the Party or a Politician.

It ain’t rocket science, the Party is out moneyed by Democrats who use Unions, Greenies, Government Employee’s, kickback schemes, and by harassing big businesses into donating to the Democrats. We know it happens, and we know we are on the down side often at the local level. In Oregon anyone donating to a Politician or to the Party is allowed a one time $50 tax reduction. This is where you will not lose your $50 at all… it will just take a while to return to you.

4) Do not just read, but write Conservatism. Become able to enunciate your beliefs without difficulty, be able to fight a liberal in a verbal debate and come out with a crushing victory. People rely upon us to be smarter and wiser, let us show this.

A liberal thinks he is morally and intellectually superior. When we show they are uneducated, unwise, and incapable it helps our cause.

5) If you can, then fight. I mean it in a way that is not a crime. Video tape a liberal, make a commercial bashing a liberal cause, make jokes at work which mock something liberal. Fight! Never relent, never give up the ship! The Democrats never rest, they never give up, they never surrender. They campaign 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They are impassioned by their emotions and will not give up until they get converted or until they are destroyed as a possible entity.

We fight for our very lives now, with Obamacare, and with our futures and children’s futures at stake. These are high stakes! We must not surrender, we must not lay down, hiding from them is not an option, and surrender will make you a slave. I am a free man and I will not bow to anyone but God! TO ARMS!

6) Be aware of liberal businesses. Some businesses do not flaunt it but aid huge. Some flaunt it but do not donate. Know the difference and pay attention. We can boycott as individuals and show our opinions.

I do not point out businesses for boycott here, I believe in free will. Find the worst out and make up your own mind. But the liberals do this to us, and this shows them a venue of fighting we can run superior in.