I call upon all of Red State to help!

I call upon all of Red State help this one initiative of mine.

I want to end smoking of cigarettes in a peaceful manner. I include chewing tobacco in this effort but will not (personally) take on cigars or pipe tobacco.

Politicians target cigarettes often but their efforts are mostly show. They might increase taxes which then results in increased smuggling and tax evasion, they try hiding cigarettes behind curtains, making large graphic warnings, and otherwise try to act like they are doing something.

None of it means anything.

Instead I wish to make a winning method happen and I want you to be fellow lobbyists in this effort.

The method is remarkably simple, set a minimum age to purchase and every two years raise the age by one year. If started from 18 then in 100 years the purchase age would be 68 years old.

I want this to start on January 1st 2016 with a new age requirement of 19 in as many nations as I can get it done in. In 2050 the age would then be 41 to purchase cigarettes. By then the smoking population will have greatly fallen and few teens would start the habit.

Look we do not always see eye to eye. My politics might not be your politics. But no one who has smoked for a number of years will like their habit. This is something that costs lives and costs extra medical cash. We can make a true difference if we do this as a group.

You only need to contact 1 politician about this idea, eventually one of us would find a politician who can get it started in some State or Nation. Once it starts pressure will build and most will join in.

But for those willing try blogs and bloggers, maybe a “community issues” news reporter, or a dozen politicians.

We have only two enemies in this effort, tobacco companies and anti-smoking groups. Both have money involved in keeping the current status quoue to a certain extent. Let me be clear that a company who sells a service to help people stop smoking needs people to be smokers for their living.

If we unite and keep at it we can destroy cigarette smoking forever.