Obamacare needs to meet its Brutus.

Obamacare is an utter disaster and if not shutdown/repealed will cost the Democrats severely in the next two elections.

Now then to summarize the proofs of problems:

Too expensive, makes healthcare unattainable for to many, reduces safety, has been corrupted from the Administrations efforts, is politicized severely, and is making too many errors.

So how expensive is it? There is Obama’s show of costs, using two of the best brackets, and then there is reality. However even those costs are understated severe as cigarette smokers are now not costing more in one way, but also will shove them out due to severe costs.

This is compounded by the delay on Cadillac Plans which the funds derived were counted on in the initial passing of the ACA. The smoking and Cadillac income reductions really do big damage to the sustainability of Obamacare.

Fraud will be huge with the choice to skip income verification for a year, to skip employer coverage verification for a year and due to Navigators advising people to lie for lower rates and higher subsidies. There will be scammers and con artists as well as evidence shows. In fact there are bogus websites, fake navigators calling people, fake navigators visiting people, and even hacks on the infrastructure happening.

Do not get me wrong, Obamacare is killing people. Yes Obama you really are “good at killing people”. (note each word is a different link)

Obama lied about you keeping your insurance. Nor can you keep your doctors. No links needed I should hope, or shall I be forced to show 100 million who will be calling it a lie with their own cancellations? There are some who say the unfortunate few… Not so few after all. They tried to say subsidies will help… But it won’t. In fact the supporters run and hide from the worst aspect of it all…. The Deductible and Co-pay Spike is rather insane.

Even college liberals (as this Daily Kos diarist is saying) are being hit hard and harder.

Amazingly there is a huge list of delays done by Democrats and Obama…. and of Repeals… and fails…

1. 1099 provisions repealed
2. CLASS Act repealed
3. Discrimination Testing delayed until 2014
4. FBHPO BASIC plan delayed to 2015
5. Co-Op plans defunded
6. PCIP terminated early
7. SHOP multi-choice options delayed to 2015
8. Waivers, like for states and for employers with Mini-med plans
9. Cadillac tax delayed from 2013 to 2018
10. Contraception mandate delayed during legal battles
11. Early Retiree Insurance broke, after the $5 billion was used by 2011 (2 years ahead of schedule)
12. Employee free choice (vouchers) repealed April 2011
13. Clawbacks were altered when 1099 provision took away $22 billion in revenue
14. MAGI was redefined to include Social Security Benefits (for some calculations within PPACA)
15. Medicare Advantage Cuts rolled back 3/2013, and actually made into an increase rather than decrease
16. W-2 reporting delayed until 2013 for tax year 2012
17. Automatic enrollment for groups of 200+ delayed until 2015
18. Employer requirement to send notices about the exchange delayed in 2013 until further guidance was available
19. Employer Penalties delayed 7/1/2013
20. Income verification delayed 7/5/2013
21. ER insurance verification delayed 7/5/2013
22. Delay in Smoker charges because Exchange system cannot handle varying smoker surcharge rates

Add to these
23. Insurance reporting for 2015 enrollment delayed til November
24. You can “keep your current plan” in some areas for a year more.

Oh that reminds me of the political portion. You see the reason why the employer mandate was pushed back is because employers were going to end almost all employer plans. This was done in July mind you, as Obama and his Administration started realizing how bad the web and server infrastructure really was. The 2014 elections would be a wreck if all businesses dropped their plans and forced people to find their own, rather expensive, policies. By the way this move was illegal (the law does not allow delays).

Obama and Democrats thought they could sit out the smaller individual mandate and use it for “a cushion” to prepare everyone else on it. The problem was it is a scary thing for all Democrats up for election. Strategists are crying over it already and Republicans expect another 2010 style sweep. That is why suddenly Obama delayed one aspect and tried to offer a retro-active keep your policy plan as well.

That delay is on the 2015 premium calculations in an obvious ploy to prevent as much loses as he can to his party. The obvious answer is for 1 or more upset insurance companies to publish in advance anyhow (he did try to shift blame on them, turn about is fair game).

Now to corruption. Oh yes we have that as well. You see 16 companies were allowed to bid to make the Obamacare website. 4 submitted bids, and curiously Michelle Obama is tied to CGI.

CGI has a history of major web and software failures as well as deep connections to an Obama favorite… the NSA. Oh and this as well. But to silence critics… the Obama Administration did indeed know the website was a failure prior to launch. In fact they gave a no bid contract out just before launch for critical work. But let us be honest, he knew in March it was a disaster.

The choice of Navigators has been a surprise to the ignorant, a joke on the left, and an expectation of the right. Corruption does reek when instead of offering bids it is handed out based on a list of the who’s who of the left. Of course corruption has levels and the FBI cannot be ordered to ignore it all! But thanks to Sebelius they cannot investigate most of it. Healthcare is not healthcare, a tax is not a tax, and you can keep your insurance if you like it. Used to be that Democrats claimed this was a Republican attribute, to double speak.

Even those who thought they won in the Obamacare roulette have come away crying later. Obamacare is destroying families as well. Divorce is a bad thing usually but Obamacare makes it an important consideration. Since every death will be publicized, since every family ruined, since every bit of corruption will be laid bare, this will only get worse for Democrats. As families hear of friends, neighbors, relatives and loved ones losing their coverage they will care more and more about their future and be scared.

I will not be getting Obamacare… Oregon still has no system, and frankly it will be cheaper to pay a penalty than a high deductible and a premium all year round. By far cheaper. Oh and since I can sign up if I do get a major condition… there is no issues with waiting til the last minute to sign up. Yes Care, Cover, or whatever… Oregon… you suck that much.

Obamacare will destroy the Democrat Party unless they drop their worship of Obama and destroy it. Either way I shall cook S’mores and enjoy the show.

I shall be keeping up with information requests and conversations, enjoy the coming holiday known as “Repeal Day”.