Libertarians our allies? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I have a bone to pick with the idea that Libertarians are our allies. At best they are fickle allies and at worst they are our enemy. Even the Libertarians see us at best as something to co-opt for their power and at worst as a blot on the world needing to be wiped out.

We are not Libertarians, they are not us. If a pro-drugs, pro-abortion, anti-war, big-government, communist was running for President/Governor/Representative/Whatever, versus a anti-drugs, pro-life, sometimes you got to fight when your a man, small government, Conservative… It is as likely they will vote for the Democrat as they will the Republican.

They have a very anti-Conservative platform. They have willingly cost us elections by muddling things up and pulling moderates away.

Libertarianism is the belief that regulations, such as the one preventing a semi-truck driver with explosives in his trailer, from driving for 28 hours straight (currently in a residential neighborhood) becuase his boss has a tight tike schedule for the contract, are bad and should be destroyed.

Libertarianism is the belief that wars are the fault of the United States (or ones home nation) and that if we just tried peace no more evil, such as Hitler, woukd exist. Chamberlain was a Libertarian type in this regards…. worked so well for how many hundreds of millions?

libertarianism is the belief that roads will be effectively repaired by interested parties, that bridges will magically spring up to meet needs.

Libertarianism is what the North American Man Boy Love Association preaches, where a 50 year old should be allowed to bugger a 10 year old…. cause it is all about love man!

Libertarianism is about making a gold standard and thus tying ourselves to a commodity which other nations can dump or horde and thus severely affect our economy.

Libertarians want marriage not to be of the State, but if they cannot get that then they want legalized gay marriage.

Libertarianism is the belief that borders are a bad thing, that we should welcome with open arms those who seek to enter our nation.

Libertarianism is the belief that abortion is of no consequence and is the right of the individual to choose.

Libertarians believe in the right of assisted suicide as well.

Libertarianism is as poisonous and dangerous to Conservatism as is Communism. Both lead to massive upheavals, misguided efforts, and tremendous loss of life if allowed to grow out of hand. This is why educating about the bad sides of both is so important.

Look the evils of Libertarians is easy to see, just look at all the deaths of WWII. Most of that would not have happened except a Libertarian decided that giving away other nations in exchange for peace was ok.

Libertarians cannot win a fair fight, this is why they try to confuse us, befuddle us, recruit via lies, attack our best candidates (Yes Ron Paul I am looking at your attacks in those elections for President you ran in!), try to co-opt anything successful to convert it to their gains (Efforts to kidnap websites including RedState, the co-opt of the Reform Party with Buchanan, and the Tea Party which they still try to say is their idea and their platform), and act despicable when they do not get their way.

The Libertarians are again, at best a fickle bunch of beings, voting for what they perceive is their best interests, not in the interests of the Republican Party. At worst they are the source of much infighting, much lost focus upon the Democrats, the weakening of our Party, and are responsible for keeping the Establishment in power.

Without the Libertarians we might just be a lot more stable, attractive, and capable in elections.