How to guarantee a Presidential Primary Win

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Winning the Primary is actually fairly easy. Few realize it but that is the way of it. People call it insider politics and they are not far off. It is devilishly easy and will work most of the time. It of course requires a little cheating which is why Conservatives almost always come last.

The first step is easy enough, you go through a list of “Battle Ground States” and any State you can claim you are from (birth State or a State you held political office in or where you ran a major company for instance). You pick only those who will likely support you or which you can change your views to better fit. You poll the States and find the best one for your needs. There, that is step number one, finding your State.

Now you set about to corrupt that State just enough. You bribe the right politicians, threaten where you have to, and you quietly get as many people to sign up as Precinct Committee Persons/Men/Women. You need both the politicians and the PCPs but remarkably you do not need much.

Politician wise you might need 5%, 10% on outside, to gum up some major works in the party. After all this is a Battle Ground State and the Democrats would love a victory at the State level…. Suddenly everyone is listening to you and they will support your next step with a vote that will pass to clear your dam from their efforts.

Precinct Committee Person wise you won’t have it to hard, after all it is likely 20% of the existing PCPs will support you outright, for various reasons, as you seek to make step three a reality. Since only half the PCP seats in a given State are taken this means you need only add 31% more to take over the State Party and not fill all positions. Ron Paul did that successfully in a few States but his strategy was different. Of course a John Huntsman type might need to recruit even more, but in general you need only recruit about 31 new PCP’s for every existing 50. Of course replacing some PCPs with your own makes this easier yet. And the fact you cherry picked the State might yield some more percentage points.

So now you can move to step 3. Presumably you also started recruiting PCPs in other States. Taking more over is helpful, but not needful. You control a big population State so you can play king-maker at the Convention. So you can rely upon the Establishment Republican Chairman to not punish your chosen State. Next you get your State to announce an early Primary date. Florida has been the cats-paw twice now in this position.

Congratulations you have won a major State and gained the mantle of a person who can win critical States! Since there is a portion of the population who prefer to vote for a winner you have a leg up. That your enemies loss makes them losers and makes some of their voters plan to stay at home. Now those close fights are continuous wins, those tight losses are close wins and your opponents are struggling for a Super Tuesday Hail Mary. This is how you win, and win reliably as a RINO, Liberal, or Establishment type.

Now before you Fellow Conservatives start crying listen up. There is a defense! You can easily and quickly thwart this. Me and my friends have the plan and it WORKS! All you need do is contact your local county PCP Chair or Captain and ask them to add you to an open seat you are eligible for. If they are unwilling then go to your local elections office and ask them how you can become an internal member of your party aka a PCP.

Remember 50% of the seats, on average, are empty. We only need gain 20% of those (pushing full seating to 70%) to dash the dreams of liberals and RINOs. At an added 31% (81% total filled) we control the State and can set up good bylaws. With enough States we can guarantee no Michael Steele ever becomes the party chairman and we can guarantee Florida or any other cheating State is forced to suffer the penalties of their actions.

We can win this political war, but only with YOU. No worries this is an easy job. Six hours a year is all I ask of you and that six hours will save you thousands in taxes, help defeat ObamaCare, stop debt ceiling hikes and more. Six hours to vote for a good Slate, to fix your State…. it is not asking much for the huge gains.