Tell them my reply is "nuts".

The Democrats feel like they will keep ObamaCare or if it does fail that they can get single payer. Some Republicans are willing entirely to retreat before this issue. The level of retreat goes from defund to delay.

Then there are those who will not falter, though we get little aid. Often we are attacked but we stay resolute. WE WILL NOT SURRENDER THIS LINE! My motto’s in the military were “First to Serve” and “Strike to Kill”. These are sound mottos in their own way. We all must be willing to sign up fast and hard to fight and we must fight to kill this monstrosity.

Delaying only makes it so the Democrats can whine about the jobs they made that will be lost, that all the money that was spent was for nothing. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE SHIP!

Defunding only makes them fight it with ugly tactics, such as forcing the States to take the costs for a while, such as printing money, such as waiting for their return to power to make it happen. It is time to FIX BAYONETS AND TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM!

My fight is not to defund or delay, those are cowards moves. My fight is to destroy the beast and end the nightmare. Nothing less than total victory can be our clarions call, nothing more than total victory is what I ask. TO ARMS, TO ARMS, THE DEMOCRATS ARE COMING! This is my line and I will hold it!

Will you stand this line with me?