A Republican Response to Newt and others on HealthCare

There are many, including Newt Gingrich who say Republicans have no plan to replace or stop ObamaCare. Well I may be only a very low level Republican but I have a plan I can recite whenever asked, one that works on Free Market principles as well.

This plan is broken into four parts. Yes there is Government intrusion and ‘mandates’ but this is an alternative that will stop certain Social Conservatives from voting liberal just cause they are desperate to hand a man a fish every day for the rest of their lives.

1) Permanent Health Saving Accounts
Require every American to pay a fixed percentage of their wages into a PHSA. This fund is handled similar to 401k accounts as applicable. This account can be used for any health related cost such as medicines, treatment, medical equipment, dental work, insurance and the likes. It will not cover certain things some wish to include such as protein bars, acupuncture, massages, and spa treatment.

The individual who frauds their own PHSA is defrauding themselves. That said some will do so for various reasons. For those who do just give them a 5 year ban from any Government assistance except life saving care. This will stop most individuals from committing such self fraud.

Companies and outside entities defrauding PHSA’s should be subject to criminal proceedings. However since each individual (or their legal guardian) is responsible for their accounts fraud will be less common and more quickly complained about.

The account is tax free and only sales taxes at the time and location of purchase can apply.

There should be a voluntary cap, where an individual can determine if they wish to add more or not, of $100,000 on the account, whereas if the account is past the limit the choice is up to the individual.

Accounts of deceased individuals revert to next of kin or to those in a will. Any amount that exceeds $100,000 can be reverted to cash but this requires all applicable income and capital gains taxes to be paid.

The effects here are simple… if you find a local hospital will charge $5000 for a procedure where a hospital 50 miles away will charge $2500 you will most likely choose the cheaper hospital if all else is equal.

You will also be empowered in choosing a plan (or not!) suitable for your family history (for instance cancer is more common than heart disease in my family). I personally would get a catastrophic policy but some might like a family policy or some such.

Freedom to choose how you spend your money is pure Free Market in its entirety. I dare say prices can drop by 25%

Under this system individual States would decide if they would subsidize accounts in any manner, with a way for them to get their money slowly back should the individual pass a certain thresh-hold in their account. This thresh-hold will require research but for instance if a person passes $20,000 in his/her account then 10% of their PHSA contribution goes towards repaying their debt to the State.

Since most of society experiences financial upwards movement this should prevent significant debt problems from minor assistance programs.

2) Insurance Reform
Right now selection is slim and the market is subject to insurance companies being able to adjust lower only when they wish to regain market share (and commonly through corporate discounts). As a mathematician the current structure seems as hazardous as a monopoly.

To reform this we make insurance companies a interstate commodity and we make a way for new insurance companies to form with a simple format of requirements.

This will mean a Free Market effect will follow with tailored and specific plans being made available.

3) Tort Reform
An old dog, solutions and ideas abound. I personally think limits preventing lawsuits for certain things (ladies pregnancy means a large cantaloupe is exiting two holes not normally the width of such, some pain is to be expected!*), caps on damages, and holding both plaintiff and lawyer financially responsible for frivolous lawsuits would be effective.

*in Oregon there was a shortage of obstetricians due to lawsuits for pain during child birth. I do not know if this is still true but it shows how broken the system is.

4) Company Benefit Reform
I personally think this is a winner. Make it so an employee can take either a benefit the company provides or a cash payment equivalent to the value (or cost) of the benefit. I expect that company insurance benefits would be at the top of the conversion list. This is probably double true in the case of extremely expensive Union plans.

This gives employees the ability to get a better plan (possibly saving money even) more tailored to their needs. Personally I think many San Fransisco government workers would opt for insurance plans that did not include costly transgender provisions.

So Mr. Gingrich and others, I may be only a PCP and aspire to higher office but I can quickly talk of a plan. I contend this is not a problem for Conservatives and Tea Party members but instead a problem of the Establishment (Democrat Light) type Republicans.

Our party can win this argument and with ease. I don’t see how we need to have insurance or my PHSA but I recognize that there are some who see it as a Holy requirement that they make sure others shall be ok and that when they team up with liberals my view shall never win.

Note my views are my views and not the official Views of Multnomah County Republican Party or the State of Oregon Republican Party. Nor are they the views of the National Party. I am a Republican Politician, I am active in politics, but I am a small cog in our giant machine.