A Guide: How you can help Conservative Politicians

Politicians have various needs, and each one varies. This is a guide how you can help, even in a small way, without being to involved.

1) Phone Banks
Politicians love people who will volunteer to call a few dozen people and to make sure they plan to vote, to ask them to volunteer, to donate, or in other activities. Fifty phone calls each from 20 volunteers is one thousand contacts done. A thousand in person contacts in a district with 64,000 people, of which roughly half vote, and of which roughly one third are targets for calls… is about 9% of the need for a Politician. This is far more helpful than it sounds.

2) Door Knocking
Politicians need this badly, a knocked door is a strong increase in the chances of a person voting for the politician. Politicians, and even Precinct Committee Persons, come equipped with walking lists if they are smart, with separations of Democrat, Republican, and other Registered voters. This is the chance for a supporter to show they know their politician, and for an undecided to ask questions about a politician. This is one of the most effective tools for Conservatives, and a death bane for Establishment types.

3) Special Donations
Did you know that a politician can accept non-cash donations in most cases? For example a volunteer can donate designing signs, programming a website, a table and chairs for events, microphones, videotography, etc. Donations can take many forms.

4) Random Discussions
Did you know just talking about the politician to others can help? Every discussion they hear with your chosen politician in the positive can help, if they are receptive to what they hear. A social conservative will not support a tax and spend liberal, but they will listen to a fiscal conservatives views from you. Just talking can help!

You can also help the Party, and pick which side of our civil war you wish to help. A Precinct Committee Person varies State per State but in Oregon 3 votes will elect you to the position, or you can be placed by a County Chair. A Precinct Committee Person, also known as PCP, Precinct Committee Man/Woman, Ward Member, or other names, and they are able to vote on Internal Party policy, by-laws, leadership, and more. Anyone in a party can run for the position, and in some States there is a lot of unfilled positions.

As a PCP you can effect change inside the party as well as be given tools to help any politician you desire (walking lists, voting lists, etc). In Oregon you gain access to Merlin (Our Voter Database) upon proper application and Politicians will actually call you directly and try hard to win your support.

I know these things because I ran for State Representative in Oregon against the Leader of the Democrats, and I have been a PCP for two terms now.

This is the first of a series of simple guides I shall write for helping candidates, becoming candidates, and in assisting Conservative Politics in general.

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