Hero's of then and now

This is part trivia and part lesson.

If I asked you to name 5 people from the Revolutionary war period who were role models your list might look like this:

1) George Washington
2) Thomas Jefferson
3) Benjamin Franklin
4) Samuel Adams
5) John Hancock

Lists might vary person to person but in general it will list our Founding Fathers and Military Personnel from the times. A list of the Civil War might start Lincoln and end with say General Sherman. Again politicians and generals.

This stopped a while back, around the time of leftism. No longer will you find very many people Conservatives could value, with some exceptions, but in general most cannot name 10 people from World War I who would be role models, though they will have an easier time with World War II.

Name five from the Korean War period… I know that even a military and political history buff such as myself that I could not… I got four. Vietnam? How about the Cold War? Barry Gold Water, Ronald Reagan, and… surprisingly the list is harder to generate than from ancient times of our nation!

Now come to our current modern times. Every list in past times will have at least one uniting person… who do we have now? Some might say Rush Limbaugh… but that would make me cry. Where are our military and political role models? Why do we now use sports stars, radio hosts, and television personalities as our role models?

Some will say the times have changed. Not so I say. Some will say modern technology. Not so I say.

So what is the change? The change is YOU.

In the past our Minute Men, our Militia’s, our Politicians all had far more at stake than you do now. They were involved implicitly at various levels. They all knew what a Republic was and they all were involved in one way or another.

You are probably not involved. Being involved means being an activist in reality, not just in name. This means you are alike a pamphleteer, a minuteman, a politician. Here is your call to action, here and now. Become a member of the Party in full. Not just a general election voter but a Precinct Committee Person (or Man/Woman).

This means like those of yester-years you are fighting for our nation, this means you will see the fights in better contrast and will choose your allies and who you support wiser. This makes you aware and will help us create a new generation of hero’s which we can all look up to as Role Models.

Be a Hero, sign up as a PCP today!

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