Airline crash handed to the... FBI?

AP News Link

The investigation has been turned over to the FBI and terrorism has been ruled out, San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said. Federal aviation and transportation investigators were heading to the scene. Asiana, Boeing and the engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, pledged to work with them.

Ok in normal aircraft crashes the NTSIB and FAA are the primary investigators who will immediately have authority. If there is no suspicion of terrorism then why was the investigation given to a police power? I do not like looking like I am wearing a tinfoil cap but this one smells badly. VERY BADLY.

Why is the FBI involved in less than 12 hours after the wreck? Why if there is the normal investigation team on site is there such a declaration? Do they actually suspect terrorism? Or criminal wrong-doing? What is the motives here?

Given all the desires to prevent terrorist attacks as being labeled that (Work place violence ring a bell?) by this administration is there an attempt to cover up a terrorist strike? Especially given that recent whistleblowers have revealed a different aircraft incident where… THE FBI INTRUDED in the inspection…

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