Go Viral: We Are The NSA

Ladies and Gentlemen the NSA is intruding in our lives with surveilance. The average low information person has no clue, and others such as Google’s Larry Page embrace it.

It is time to make people think, to keep this on the horizon of the public FOREVER!

Here is how we ALL become a weapon against warrantless wiretaps.

Rename your wireless routers and other wifi devices. Name them as NSA spy devices.

My cell phone is now NSA Wireless Intercept 19 and when repaired my Verizon Jetpack will become NSA CREDIT CARD WATCH 37.

If we all change our routers, jetpacks, mifi cards, cell phones and such we create a viral campaign that will shake the Obama Administration.

You cannot claim to be a Government Agent (unless you are one) but you can name your devices anything you want.

In the spirit of my friend no one should claim credit for this, I will not claim credit for this. Instead cite an anonymous friend as the source of the inspiration. It will only add to the intrigue as well.

Resist we much!

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