Tea Party Fight

The Tea Party is not dead, for I am the Tea Party. I know others who are the Tea Party, and they know yet more.

We are the grassroots level, we have no Karl Rove, no Dick Morris, no Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, or others as our guide. We are the grassroots. Our enemies fear us, for we are actually having successes. We are organized, we do not hide under a tax shelter, we do not fear our enemies. We count both Liberalism and the Establishment as enemies, each different than the other.

Our successes are mounting, State after State Party is falling to our sway. The antics of the Establishment is getting more frantic, less composed, as they seek to keep us from taking over. And do not get me wrong we are getting closer to taking over than even they can fathom.

They do see the danger, why else is immigration reform being pushed… They seek to depress Conservative turn-out just enough to keep their hold on power. They seek to make us dance to their tune with a carrot at the end of a stick.

I am here today to start a kickoff for the final battles. I am here to gather the remainder of our forces into a coherent whole and give them a voice, and power, unlike any they have experienced. Today is the first day of the campaign to win back the Republican Party, for the Gipper, for Conservatives everywhere.

We are a true grassroots outfit, with dozens of efforts to increase our ranks … nay hundreds…

This one has a large number of us united in cause. We seek to recruit any and all conservatives to our cause, to show them we can win before the 2014 election, and how.

You need only email [email protected] with your name, phone number, and State. This information will be routed to a grassroots operative near you who will contact you in person. No machine calls, no national headquarters here. Nope, not at all.

This gentleman or woman will talk with you about how you can either help take over your Party, or reinforce our take over of your States Party. We will not try to ask for money, we will not ask you to endorse any candidates, we will not try to force a version of Conservatism upon you (Fiscal, Social, or otherwise), nor will we guide you in any manner.

If you are to ever have me recruit you I will merely give you information, point you to answers to your own questions, and be ready for you should you need a shoulder. Our nation is hurting, we are hurting, but this is the cure. Bold Colors, not Pale Pastels.

Email [email protected] today!

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