Other Scandals we have forgotten

It is of my interest to remind people of scandals and issues of the Obama Administration that have gotten little light in the recent media storm. Perhaps if we talk of them now AP and other media groups will open their eyes to it and give it the light of day.

There was the Email Scandal

This where Lisa Jackson did everything she could to avoid oversight. Yes she wanted to avoid ANYONE knowing what she was doing.

There was also the Wetland Scandals and the Crucify Them comment.

Of course we currently also have a coming FOIA Request Scandal joining the fray.

Of course the EPA is an easy target, so let us move along to other Scandals…

Energy Department
First let us talk of LOANS

Oh yes not only did most go out of business but there is a lot of behind the scene stuff most of us missed. Bonuses, turtle removal, shiny decorative walls…

Solyndra was definitely scandal worthy as the loan was allowed to continue until AFTER the 2010 election. Putting off a scandal until after an election, that sounds familiar!

Then there was the offshore drilling Moratorium and the aid to Brazil as he banned our oil.

There was the LightSquared scandal where with a single switch in allowances almost gave a donor of his a transmission property value increase of 10 billion dollars… And would have hosed GPS devices around the world.

There is the Broadband Test where they will know who you are, where you are posting from, and what you are posting during the ‘test’.

Military & Diplomacy
The Chevy Volt is a gift that keeps on giving

Unions and GM
There was the Union Payoff and the green car push…

Inspector General Firings
If you do not like what an Inspector General says then FIRE him!

Black Panthers
Convicted then they dropped the charges

Ladies and Gentlemen there is more fish in this toxic dump that are starting to smell. We need to show the world how truly smelly Obama’s Administration really is. Do not forget that Obamacare is a waiting series of scandals… Enjoy thinking on that!

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