Waking up from the DREAM.

My argument against Obama’s recent DREAM Executive Fiat.

The idea granting amnesty to those under the age of 16 is appalling, here are my reasons why:

A) An average child knows their home address no later than 12 years old.

B) An Average child of 10 years can identify their own nation they are in.

C) By 10 most children understand Right and Wrong and can identify properly when their parents ask them to lie.

D) By age 2 most children start to understand words spoken by their parents, by age 5 they have a decent volcabulary, by age ten they are proficient. This part negates claims they don’t speak their native language unless the parents ONLY spoke in English which is highly unlikely.

E) given that illegal aliens represent a major drain on the Government (much more than they contribute) and that they will likely remain a net deficit for life, deporting them is sound policy.

F) While initially difficulties may occur these ‘children’ represent useful skills for their home nations and are a net increase to the taxes gained in those nations.

G) with many already having committed ID theft, or profited from their parents doing so, proving they were here for x time can be difficult since… they could be stealing yet another identity to gain the equivalent of permament residency.

H) This incentivizes more to sneak in and use this thus circumventing legal immigration.

I) Especially since most schools wish to educate them in their native language we can presume most won’t have issues speaking the language.

J) Also due to the education part their costs are much higher than normal students and increase the student load a school must support.

If the left truly cared then they could sponsor a ‘fund’ for these ‘children’ to have for when they return to their home nation they can seek a residence, and have time to search for employment.

Ergo the left cares more about potential votes than this nation, legal immigrants orthese ‘childrens’ futures.

I would rather quadruple legal immigration than give a blanket amnesty.

I know this will bother some Democrats and such, but I stand by my words.

I am Michael Harrington, Candidate for State Representative in Portland, Oregon, and I endorse this post!

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