This Memorial Day

You know I served in the military myself, US Army 3/502nd infantry to be exact, and I wanted to note on this Memorial Day the Brotherhood between Soldiers and Veterans.

No where in life have I found such a Brotherhood, though perhaps I have not experienced enough living. Soldiers will go out of their way to save another soldier, history is replete with story after story of such.

There is a reason they called “Band of Brothers” that name. There is a reason that a the French Musketeers had a saying, “One for all, and all for one!”.

Veterans are no different as we will look out for eachother in numerous ways. A Veteran saved me after I was scammed and robbed of everything and made homeless… because we are brothers. I helped a homeless Veteran return to his son over 1600 miles away… because we are brothers.

Times are tough all around, and while I was injured in training in my third year and never gave… as the saying goes: “Some gave all, all gave some”… I ask on behalf of my fellow Veterans… those disabled and hurt having given more than most… that people in their communities help them in some small way. Perhaps mowing a yard, painting a room, fixing a fence, or changing the oil in their car. Small things like this can help in a more meaningful manner than a cash donation… for it makes you a brother or sister with them for that moment.

On this memorial day I call upon you all, upon the best of our politically knowledgable, to help a Veteran some way this weekend, this week, this coming month. Be brothers with us this day.

– Veteran, PFC Harrington, Company C, 3/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne