Barack is fumbling, stumbling, falling down...

Barack is a man who is stumbling hard, like a drunk. His campaign is pretty much self destructing in a manner I did not expect but am pleased to see.

Liberals take heed. This is something you should feel alarmed about.

First there is gas prices. By vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as easy proof he has blocked permits on Federal lands and especially the Gulf of Mexico, has created a viewpoint that he is uncaring about the price people pay at the pump.

Obama is trying to ride a wave of successful private and State land drilling… but as pump prices rise ever higher this will be seen for what it is… a lie.

Next we have coal power. Until recently coal power was on the Presidents ‘kill on sight’ list with his famous quote “Electric prices will necessarily have to sky rocket”. His EPA passed harsh requirements which will prevent new Coal fired Power plants from opening and is designed to ultimately shut all of them down. Several have shut down already in fact.

Then someone in his staff saw three States he won by narrow margins… are huge on coal power. These battle ground States will carve him up and serve the Presidency to Romney. So suddenly on the Obama power chart “Clean Coal” replaces “Fuel Efficiency”. Good luck with that… coal miners, power plant workers and people now seeing their power bills rise have been hearing this for three years.

North Carolina was supposed to be a smart choice… a State they marginally won that could be influenced to turn to the Democrats… or at least that was the argument. So far there has been a scandal over exclusively hiring out of State union workers for some of the stuff, a gay sex scandal involving the committee chairperson (who resigned in shame and was voted back in by loyal cronies at the State level… much to the humiliation of many Dems)….

Where was I… oh yeah… the State overwhelmingly passed the day before his outing himself a No Gay Marriage law (a very strict one at that), the Unions are pissed at him for choosing a Right to Work State (even with them getting some exclusive contracts), he is short by 30 million dollars for the Convention, he booted out ‘lobbyists’ and ‘corporations’ from donating to it in a very public way… only to have organizers provide back doors, he is renting the “Bank of America” properties which pisses off his 99% followers, they were forced to cut from 5 days to 3 days due to lack of funds, and… oh my this list is getting long… some businesses want to not be involved and are being public about it.

So did you hear the Presidents Gay? No seriously… there is a guy who was once chums with Obama who claims he and Baracky boy had fun times in the backs of cars together. But then Barack recently said he is pro-gay marriage. Amazing choice huh?

Only the problem here is Joe “the wonderboy” Biden seems to have sucker punched Barack so he might have a better chance in 2016 of getting elected (hahahahahahahah). Barack had been walking a very tight rope avoiding a direct response but seeming to ‘care’ about the issue. Most strategists agree that Biden forced the issue (thanks to NBC) and Barack was cornered like a rat so had an amazing coming out and supporting gays (which is going to get him as much as 50 mil imho).

The problem is that it loses him a lot of votes. First it reaffirms to the religious that he cares not for their values (see attacks upon Christianity below), second most black voters do not hold this view, third most States (35 IRC) have made Constitutional Amendments or Laws banning gay marriage, some by huge landslides, and fourth a super majority of the population feels he did it for political reasons and not because he actually cares about the issue. Including coincidentally some battle ground States. Oops!

Unemployment ‘looks down’ but feels up. Why is this? Well it is because the huge number of people who ran out of their 99 weeks and quit looking for work. Add in the underemployed and the underpaid and actual unemployment is hovering near 16%. Each unemployed person has to wonder if Mitt can get them working again successfully. The polls show most people are uncomfortable with how Obama has handled the Economy.

Attacks on Christians… a strategic blunder if I ever saw one. Obama gave an exemption for Muslims on the issue of Abortificants, Birth Control, and similar ‘trouble stuff’. This nation is highly Catholic, and a LOT of Universities, Private Schools, Hospitals, and Donation Centers are Catholic based. His actions have shown he HATES the Catholic Church despite Catholic voters being a big source of his 2008 win. A 3% shift in how they vote will lose the election for him.

But his troubles do not stop there. The LGBT groups singled out Mormon churches for the no Gay Marriage law passed in California (2008 I think) and the Mormons remember that. Obama just put his *censored* into the subject and now they will lockstep with Mitt on the issue. Mitt gains the Mormons and a larger amount of Catholics than he should have.

But wait we are not done yet! In 2010 and 2011 the Jewish community started showing they are upset with the Democrats as well. Normally this group is considered attached to the Democrat hip… but they kicked a New York politician for the Dems to the curb in an astonishing upset. That they are switching sides has gone uncommented upon as of yet, but the truth is they are changing sides in large divots.

Unions…. wow…. Keystone XL, Coal Mines, Trucking Regulations, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and more. Obama may have lost some serious support from the Unions. No wait… he has lost a lot of support from the Unions. Oh they say they are together in bed and such… but Obama won’t aid the Unions, and the Unions have stopped aiding Obama.

Worse is the membership in Unions. The number of volunteers is way down and the various fights at the State level have sucked funds from them. In fact when a State becomes Right to Work the Public Employee union rolls typicallly drop to under 20%.

The 99% was supposed to be the left’s answer for the Tea Party (after the Coffee Party fell asleep at the wheel and died). Obama and many top Democrats quickly endorsed them and support came hard and fast from the left. Only to have thes people defecate on cop cars, graffiti land marks, stink up parks and neighboring businesses, and otherwise make the life of people around them miserable.

Crime rates went up, acts of violence against the cops kept happening, a bomb plot involving several bridges was foiled, and other really nasty stuff was uncovered. They also were bigoted, racist remarkably white in nature, and asked rape victims to take one for the team.

Stock Markets… Obama went and did his GM thing which when he seized some of the ownership from investors and gave it to the Union… cooled a lot of them to Obama for fear he would seize assets of theirs as well. His diatribes against them, that stupid super audit bill, and his choosing to scare monger over-sea’s money further iced the relationship. Obama raked in money from them in 2008… Now he gets a trickle. Of course two of his bff’s Chris Dodd and Barney Franks had nothing to do with that.

In fact recently in April Obama lost a lot of fundraising revenue compared to March. Turns out that the consensus is this is bankers turning their aid to Mitt Romney. Apparently J.P. Morgan is now best chums with Mitt.

Campaign staff is usually not a big issue… but Obama is spending fistfuls of money on his huge staff… and this started way early. His spending here is out of control and has been eating more than he brings in. Yes he had a decent sized bank account to absorb the losses…. but that is depleting fast.

On the subject of staff he has had several problems with how he treats women. His staffers earn far less if female than if male, are typically kept at positions lower than their skill range and it has been noticed. Additionally he has taken heat for a staffers attack on Anne Romney being a stay at home mom. This was damaging to many of his soccer mom votes.

But wait… the hatred of feminists does not stop there. He accepted into his PAC a million dollar donation from a man who routinely is abusive in the extreme about women. His campaign just found some bad news this week about how he is percieved by women…. for the first time since possibly Reagan, probably before that, a Republican Candidate is polling higher for single women than the Democrat candidate. This poll was done by a liberal news source.

Obama has lost a lot of support of students as well. Most show signs of disillusionment with the President. A popular quote is “He had two year where he could do anything. Instead he passed a healthcare law less radical than the one proposed by Nixon”.

His Healthcare law did not win him points either. A majority of the nation wants it REPEALED, not amended but REPEALED. His signature ‘achievement’ is due to collapse via the Supreme Court.

Worse are the holes inside of it. Aka the black hole that would suck all our money into it, the gaps developing in Medicare/Medicaid coverage, the holes in our new technology, the holes which represent lost jobs as the taxes on hardware manufacturers goes on. To many holes for him to fill.

Obama has not been good on the Internet either. Truth Squad’s, Julia, failures to get Twitter hits, and more. His internet campaign is being ridiculed by an internet empowered right and we own Twitter… as in he launches a campaign thing there, in less than 20 minutes it is completely shot down and ruined.

Oh then there is his Presidency staffers. Chu, Napolitano, and others each have their scandal. Chu backed $9.00 a gallon gasoline and other hard environmental left stances. Then there is the TSA grope sessions, Fast and Furious deaths, Solyndria Loans, recess appointments when Congress was not in Recess, and more. So much more. One of his staffers is in Right Wing news almost daily in a light he should be worried about.

Then there is his commercials. I quote myself here “Really? WTF is his staff smoking”. I hope they have a half years supply because their commercials are all easily crushed with counter commercials.

Now to quote a section of a post from a famous blogger:

I mean, yes: we’ve had it noted that Obama only racked up 59.4% of the West Virginia primary vote; 80.9% of New Hampshire’s; and 79.2% of North Carolina’s. But here are some other primary race vote totals, thus far (all via The Green Papers): Rhode Island, 83.4%. Louisiana, 76.5%. Alabama, 80.8%. Massachusetts, 81.2%, Oklahoma, 57.1%. To give you a baseline… if you remove places like American Samoa or Guam, if I read this right in 2004 George Bush never dipped below 89.5% (Idaho) of the primary vote in states he won and 79.6% (New Hampshire) in states that he didn’t. Other states of note in 2004, to give you an idea: Alabama, 92.8%. Kentucky, 92.5%. Massachusetts, 90.6%. Rhode Island, 84.9%.

From Moe Lane’s post here

What that shows is Obama cannot get people motivated AND many are actually upset. There is word an Open Primary State might actually give a Democrat other than Barack the win…

The fundraising part bears attention. Typically a Presidential candidate offers assistance for some campaigns from what I read. But Obama rejected Wisconsin Democrats and has rejected the Wisconsin Unions AND rejected the DNC as well from requests they made for funds. In a parallel the Unions have balked at aiding Barack. Obama is trying to win even if it costs him many congressional battles.

Barack has been living it up as well. He has golfed… well I understand it as… more than any President ever has even when they had two terms. The parties are also quite… numerous… and Michelle just loves to take a huge entourage along with her to vacations on tax payer dimes… This flies in the face of the sick, the hungry, the unemployed, those with Staycations, and those who hate such luxurious activities. Live it up Michelle!

Immigration has proved to be a two edged sword for Obama. He promotes this DREAM via executive fiat that pisses the right off… while he removes more illegal immigrants than Bush which pisses the left off. He fell hard on that sword.

I close with a talk of disclosure. Obama is less transparent than he says he is which is less than he campaigned to be. He and his staff avoid answering questions as much as they can to the media. He and his staff do not give information to Congress except when forced to. He and his staff do their best to hide damaging information by breaking it in chunks and releasing it in an avalanche of other documents on a Friday afternoon.

In fact there is an alarming level of lack of accountability on various programs and departments and the public feels it.

Bill Clinton himself said that Barack is running an amateur campaign.

I feel Barack is burying his party for us… he will lose the Presidency, his self centered efforts will result in losses in the House and Senate, and the effects will be felt for at least a decade. He will also go down in history as one of the five worst Presidents for sure, if not the worst when angry liberals turn on him.