The Individual Mandate was not the only such effort by Obama

Obama declared war on Truck Drivers

In a new regulation put out by the Department of Transportation (a while back in fact) truckers were going to have to put a device to track them in every truck. Obama’s DoT specifically singled out several providers of such devices (Read Cronyism) as appropriate vendors. All trucks were going to need these devices installed.

DoT said the reason was safety. However, as records indicate, Trucking has only gotten safer in the more recent years and is still proceeding on a down-ward spiral into less accidents. In fact the level is something that if it was a stock would indicate a mass sell off and a soon to be dead company! Trucking is currently safer than it ever has been in the History of the United States

These devices, commonly known by the first provider…. Qualcomm’s… would track all drivers and allow companies the ability to send messages. The system is quite expensive (A typical word can cost a dollar). The idea was to force electronic logging of driving time on drivers. However the need for such is not really there. There is a program to mandate it on companies with a lot of log book violations, which I endorse, but this regulation would put all drivers on the log and make things… difficult.

Some drivers have never used a computer in their lives. Others are finding it hard when they are asked by a company to operate the different functions of the electronic logs. However we got lucky. A lawsuit succeeded in Federal Court to stop Obama from proceeding. While specious in my opinion, it is with merit. The reason given was that trucking company dispatchers could ‘harass’ a driver with the devices (This in fact can and does happen). But Obama wont let this stop him. He has a history of not letting go of his ideas.

This unfortunately fits a pattern for Obama as he is truly attacking American Drivers. As seen on my website http://michaelharrington.org/nafta/ Obama and his policies will cost American drivers up to 600,000 jobs.

WORSE is yet on the horizon as well, as over half a million small businesses (Truck drivers who own their own trucks) could close (aka lose their trucks) due to high Diesel prices thanks to policies Obama has forced upon the oil industry as much as he can. Yes this is a guess by me, but based on the previous fuel problems we had under Bush the number may be spot on. Truck drivers who do not have a fuel adjustment built into their contract of some sort are reporting a loss of 75% of their take home income. You heard that right… Drivers who used to take home $2,000 a month to pay their mortgage, to pay electric bills, to give their children clothes and such…. are now earning $500 a month in take home pay. How would you live with 25% of your current pay?

Society seems ignorant of the plight of American Truck Drivers, and the true test on our economy will start this summer. Gasoline and Diesel prices will be followed closely by sky rocketing prices on goods at the store. When Gasoline prices keep rising past what economists estimated… you know the reason why is that less truck drivers are able to deliver fuel at a competitive rate and less trucks are available to deliver the fuel. There is a saying you will see on some trucks: “Trucks, we bring good stuff”. Well the goods will be stopped in some cases for lack of means to move it.

Obama is not stopping with NAFTA, Electronic Logs, or CSA2010 either. No… He has pushed our trucks into “Green Machines” and keeps mandating new standards. It is a sad fact that a modern Semi-Truck takes in dirtier air than the air it puts out the smoke stack. This has only increased the average cost of a Semi-Truck to 125% of what it used to be. Yes Obama has carried out his dream of “Green” on trucks, though his efforts to force car drivers to buy the more expensive Chevy Volts has faltered.

Hear our plea, here our cries for help. Support trucking, call a member of congress, or even donate today to the cause.

America lives on trucking

I am Michael Harrington, and I endorse this message!

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