Do you want to outspend Obama?

Obama may spend 2 billion thanks to Super PAC’s

No one has said as much, but consider that the left is desperate, the Super PAC’s have changed the game, and Soro’s and such may go all in.

That part is just my 0.02 dollars

So what can we do about it?

We can argue over the current crop of candidates, all of which are bloodied and limping, or we can push for a brokered convention.

In a brokered convention there is a chance for one candidate to get max donations from everyone following that person, a chance for Super PAC’s supporting that candidate to get flushed full of money, for a rapid organization of infrastructure as ever could be seen, and volunteers who would be more fanatical than RonPaulBots (but in a good sort of way)

That Candidate is:

Sarah Palin

Let’s face it… she woo’s the crowd where-ever she goes. She has supporters aplenty even to make Ron Paul look weak, she has an established staff, name recognition, and more.

She can be our hope in these trying times, she can be the one that we all can unite around, and the one we can name MADAM PRESIDENT.