Conservative Candidates and Languages

As a candidate myself, I have noticed that despite reality, we do not often enough pay attention to bilingual minorities or to those who do not speak English.

In fact in chagrin I plan a Spanish page on my own website after thinking deeper about this.

I had thought of this a while ago, and intended to try to push for us to not just get a person to write for us, but for every candidate to be able to passably speak and write a different language.

The value of knowing how to speak to minorities in their language is an amazing boost to the votes you can get from that group.

I believe Bush, a moderate, won due to his outreach in Spanish to Spanish Speakers. Every edge counts!

We Conservatives are correct in wanting to give everyone the gift of a single language, as studies show if you fluently speak and write English you earn more than otherwise (Statistically speaking).

But we also then ignore those who have trouble with languages, who feel they are to old to learn a new language, those who are deaf, and those the Democrats supress by placing them in ‘native language’ classes.

Lets not kid ourselves… legal immigrants are very staunchly pro-American, let us channel this for Conservative values.

To that end, finally, in January I started learning Tagalog (The Filipino language).

Having examined language programs I found one that can work for my schedule. I am not associated in anyway with, but just use a paid for copy, of an app called LLingo, which you can choose from dozens of languages.

Of course there is Rosetta Stone and others.

This is something we as an ideology need to incorporate into our structure. Being bilingual is not a chore, not useful…. but a necessity for stopping the tide of liberalism.

As always this is just my .02 cents.