Debunking Global Warming - A Tool

Man made Global Warming (AGW) is false.


In fact it was so one sided once people started looking at evidence the profiteers started calling it Climate Change.

Now I have studied the issue at length. I know all the claims, many of the major players, and I have determined it is all false. I have had this view point from 2003 I believe. Now I use www.surfacestations.org as a primary evidence site. This  compilation site is tl;dr for 99.9% of the worlds population, but if you want access to a sorted list of evidences then read on! When I feel like mocking I use www.wattsupwiththat.com. Let me make this clear, I have no degree, no accreditation, no published papers on the topic. This is evidence laymen can find, and for the most part understand.

I am opinionated. After studying the evidence I cannot sit idly by. Some players I save my largest scorn for are CRU, the EPA, and NOAA. These organizations need 100% of their funding removed, their ‘champions’ banned from ANY Government funds forever, and need prison terms unless they can pay back the damages they have caused. That’s just my opinion. But please do read on.

Now what the AGW crowd says is warming is happening, carbon dioxide levels are rising, ergo correlation equal causation. Climate Change re-branders try several claims but the ‘strongest’ in my view is that the variability is due to heating of the oceans, changes in the currents (air and wind), all due to carbon dioxide (and a little bit to some other specific gases).

To which some laymen will tell you temperatures have flat-lined while carbon dioxide levels have increased. They are only partially correct. The truth is temperatures have dropped but the AGW and CC crowds are trying to hide that. A good tool to them is using models for area’s not covered by monitoring equipment. This practice is only increasing, via the removal of stations. There is the problem of local reporting stations that are not part of their ‘network’ but they make a variety of reasons for why they do not use that data.

Problems have arisen for the AGW crowd, such as evidence the oceans are not following models at all, that the upper atmosphere is colder than it is supposed to be, that the lower atmosphere is colder than it is supposed to be (source for all three here is NASA). Things are always being debunked that they try to bring up. Their models always have to much heat.

Then there is the issue of Modeling their works. They cannot get a single model to work.

I will say… one model actually works, but it debunks AGW and CC.

That model is Farmers Almanac.

Now before CERN did their science experiment I was following a scientist who claimed Cosmic Radiation was the largest outside influence after the sun, and that water molecules was the only real issue in the atmosphere. CERN reinforced he was correct with a large experiment that mimicked the Earth’s atmosphere.

In short here is an explanation of the real influences on the Earth temperatures,

The Sun (and Jupiter to an extent) has a magnetic field which repulses Cosmic Radiation. This field varies in strength according the the ‘currents‘ in the Sun. This field as said stops some Cosmic Radiation, but not all, and the amount varies as per a variance in the amount coming from without and with the variability of the Sun’s magnetic field.

Now when Cosmic Radiation hits the atmosphere it binds water molecules into cloud formations (they are not the only component, but they are the primary component). Now if water vapor remains as water vapor it absorbs heat (much more so than Carbon Dioxide ever can claim) and keeps it in the atmosphere. If it forms clouds then it redirects sunlight (and heat) back out into space.

Then we have history to use against AGW and CC arguments.

Historically there has been wide, stress WIDE, variations in the temperature of the Earth. There have been periods where grapes where grown in England, and times when Ice Ages covered the Earth. The dinosaurs might testify to that fact, if we can just subpena one.

In fact there is proof that the Carbon Dioxide claims they have done is wildly wrong including ice cores. If Ice Cores are removed from the equation, then Carbon Dioxide levels are pretty much stationary.

As well as those two facts there is proof temperature and carbon dioxide were not correlated (sometimes same time, sometimes not) together in the historic past. Some scientists point to the Maunder Minimum, and try to use this to identify causation as well. Of course there is some conspiracy theory… for instance a variation of Planet X has it that a giant dust storm is headed our way and this will put Earth through an ice age… but meh.

History helps me claims further. In fact strongly so. Go to a library and you will find that Greenland is not melting away. Honestly! Read it here for instance. Or one could just dig up some old junk like this! Or if you prefer there is a nice home here.

So where did this hysteria, this lie start?

I did my best to try to discern when this all started. This is the result of my studies.

It started when Earth First, Elf, Alf, and similar groups won by falsifying evidence in Oregon. They put dead Spotted Owls in Old Growth tree’s as an effort to protect Old Growth from logging. They succeeded in this because there was not many who could, or would, map out the living habitat of an animal. In truth the Spotted Owl lives in Christmas Tree sized growth, and by limiting logging and replanting… ironically… we are limiting the living habitat (by fighting forest fires) of the Spotted Owl. (I can attest to this via knowing the history of the Spotted Owl)

Flush with success in using a lie, they continued using lies to try to get their agenda. Their next target was glaciers (insofar as I know of). They claimed a number of glaciers were shrinking. Some of there claims were dismissed as evidence at the time showed no such thing was happening. The claims gave a variety of reasons, the strongest being acid rain. Well strongest at the time.

Of course science has caught up, and seems few glaciers are shrinking, that a new one may be forming in Washington, and that a lot of lying has happened. But I digress…

Then there was the “Ozone Hole” which started Climate Science in earnest. They started recording all sorts of things at a new hyper scale.

One result of this was a sudden tracking of ice bergs as they formed, and not just when they were in danger of entering shipping lanes. This information, and others lead to a dubious claim…


Using the new data sets they had gathered, and where no data existed ‘forcing‘ results from other data, and of course mixing in all their lies in one melting pot resulted in AGW.

During these events more and more Universities were starting climate science programs and the worries got them funding. This funding got higher and higher. To validate their jobs they MUST say that bad things are happening. After all if they sound an ‘all clear’ then most of their jobs go away. AGW almost started at the right time. There was a minor stretch of warmer years where each year in a row was warmer. But the amount was very much so within natural variance. This however did not stop them.

They set out to discredit any opposers from the start, which is a Saul Alinsky model… attack the person and you destroy their efforts. They also set up to coordinate, at a deep level, from the start. This gave them the time to get politicians and news reporters on board. This lie had to be pushed, pushed hard, and any issues glossed, or painted, over. By now legitimate scientists were noticing the money involved and tried to do research as well. But they found the errors were to much, and when they talked to a core person, they got attacked.

This started the resistance.

Out came the hockey stick, out came Al Gore’s true (fictional) movie, out came other clearly dubious claims. With this the resistance grew. I joined the resistance sometime in 2003.

At first the resistance was fragmented, our voices unheard, with no leadership. Then some of the more financially stable and/or smarter ones set up clearinghouses for information.

This is when the resistance started winning.

  • The first blow was real evidence that they were wrong.
  • A showing of models that all failed.
  • It was a landslide that some tried to ignore.

The enemy of our enemy then published emails from CRU (Twice no less!) and other facts started leaking from the Great Wall of Environmentalism. The end is near for AGW, and CC.

If you read this and you do not believe their religion, then you are now part of the resistance!