Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity are failures and wrong.

I love math, but Statistics is my true love.

Statistics plays a lot in everything you do, and everything around us.

Statistics do not lie. Humans do.

A famous quote goes “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics”

Proof that lies happen… there are more women than men, and more white women than white men. Yet women are considered a minority…

So when i saw that the SCOTUS was going to review Affirmative Action I grew excited (source).

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity are nightmares.

The supposed goal of one is to prevent abuse of minorities.. the other is supposed to give opportunities to minors who would not otherwise have earned them. Or did I flip that?

Regardless what we have is a system neither representational nor fair.

Oh the lefties will bring out math to try to say it is representational, and emotions to say it is fair…

But let me break this problem down.

In Chicago there is whole areas filled with only “African Americans”, in some areas of California there are whole counties filled with “Latino Americans”, and in some areas of Alaska you have whole tribes of Inuit’s only. Diversity my backside. Those regions just are what they are.

You can visit huge regions where a white man is a minorty, a black man a minority, or whatever floats your statistical boat.

Then we have other statistical flukes.

I drive a semi truck for a living. It is really hard work, the average work week is 60-70 hours, I am never home, I put on some serious weight, and liberals see you as a monster, States see you as a piggy bank, and the Federal Government is set to ruin you as much as they can.

Sadly few women are in the industry. Especially as solo drivers. Over-all there may be 1 in 20 drivers being that other sex, but less than 1 in 100 (based upon experienced observations) are solo driving females.

Next lets look at Secretaries… holy female empire batman! Yeah you guessed it… men need not apply or do they just care not to apply?

Sports is a good show of regional and identity differences… Basketball versus Hockey. Do I need to say more about the spectrum difference, or how regional differences play into it?

When you try to tell a company they need a certain number, based upon a math model, you are automatically using a wrong math model. There can be no doubt that no model can adequately cover regional differences, sexual choice differences (not as in changing sex, but what each sex prefers to do), religious differences, sociological differences, and other factors.

Then we can talk education. College is supposed to be for higher education, universities for the best and brightest seeking higher education… so the idea of putting enough seats on the side for minorites to enter even if they have less than ideal grades is grotesque.

“The sports teams refused me, the music director said i have tone deafness, so the only other thing with scholarships is brain suregon” sort of talk should scare you. I want someone who went after the choice of a career before hand versus someone who chose a career cause it was someplace they could get in to. That reads poorly…. I would rather you pushed hard for that career than getting it because your supposedly underpriveledged and you think it could be good money.

I rather Bill Gates do what he likes than if he was given a center position on the Blazers team due to a lack of nerds there (for the record I self identify as a nerd, suck it).

So if I were called to testify about Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action I would say they are racist, sexist, regressive, and un-American. PERSUE YOUR DREAM!