A Webactivist Initiative

Greetings fellow webactivists.

I am seeking to catch up, and then pass the Democrats in high tech GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities.

Believe it or not… Crowd Sourcing is a new (or repackaged) method to gather ideas.

So here is the Stated Goal:

To write a comprehensive technological plan with links, explanations, methods, and FAQ’s for Republican candidates to use.

To get to this goal we need to talk bar code readers, mobile credit card readers, smart phones, data banks, new map services, social networking, auto texting, mailing lists, forums, and more.

So your mission, if you accept, is to help put together our collective knowledge.

Obama has the lead in this arena… let’s work to reverse this. He has smart phones with drawn up maps of previous donors and credit card readers. He has a huge twitter following, and updates people with text’s sent to their phones.

I am a forward thinker… I know I can do a smaller version on my own… but our collective knowledge easily can make this effort… The most effective tool for Republicans ever