The Doom of the Democrat Party

The Democrats are on the run. Even though they have a chance for President in my view (if we nominate Romney) the rest of the game… is “Game Over” for them.

The first evidence was the 2010 election cycle


The defeat at the local level was so severe for the Democrats however in that they lost many gerrymandered districts.

In fact redistricting has caused several Democrats to end re-election bids… I am sure you all can name the Prominment New Yorker…

The tide is also felt in defections. The number may seem small, but considering there is no revserse direction defections in the areas affected…

Defections Galore!

Then there is the map which shows Obama will lose… even if he wins the popular vote

Election 2012

In the elections they have won Democrats have had to spend many more millions than Republicans… in districts once considered Democrat Strongholds.

Even Democrat websites predict the loss of the Senate to Republicans due to a variety of circumstances… mostly however due to retirements.

Uh oh Retirements!

In my home State of Oregon we the GOP look to gain Oregon’s house for sure almost and even have a very high chance to gain the Senate. Something no one would have predicted four years ago!

Obama and the Democrats have also angered a significant portion of the population recently.

25% of the United States identifies as Catholic. Another 10% say they were Catholic. His choice to force Catholic organizations (and other religious and moral dissenters) will cost him a large group that supported him in the 2008 election. His previous outreach that his ideals were morally equivalent (except his stance on Abortion) earned him a lot of Catholic votes.

Now the outraged Catholics will donate time, money, energy in record levels… against Democrats and Obama.

Obama also has failed to galvanize his voters. The 99% effort failed in the face of rising crime, rising odor, and due to a huge disconnect with the average voter. Other efforts continue to marginalize Obama including his new election clothing line for the rich.

With healthcare continuing to be an albatross he also has his TSA problems, EPA over-reaches, DOT problems, and the Keystone pipeline hanging over his head like a Sword of Damocles.

Obama also has problems making good with Hollywood over his refusal to sign SOPA.

In fact Obama’s name is also worth less than it was a few years ago. Obama is less sought out than local celebrities and in fact many are actively avoiding being associated with him at all.

All in all I would say the Democrats bet everything on 2008 and lost it all starting in 2009. What a quick turn around for Democrats!

This nation is 40% Conservative. We will be heard!