Oregon Tea Party and Conservatives! Roll Call!

My fellow Oregonians we are on the cusp of history. Oregon shall have Republican control over the House, and there is a real chance we can take the Senate.

Which is why I wish to ask you.

Will you help push us over the line?

We need to win exactly one house seat to win the house. We need three to get a firm Conservative hold on the Senate.

I want you to help leap beyond those numbers.

I want you to goto your elections office, or call your County Republican Party Chair and ask to sign up as a Precinct Committee Person.

This is an actual elected position, but you need only three votes. Most of the time no one runs for the positions so you wont have a challenger. There is flexibility of where you will serve.

This is not a painful position. It is a volunteers position indicating you are willing to help Republican campaigns you believe in. It also gives you the right to vote on the leadership of your County and affects the leadership of our GOP State Leaders.

I want you to step up, become a PCP and volunteer a small fraction of your time to help a candidate for Mayor, City Council, State Rep., and/or State Senator. Who you help is your choice, or you can try to just learn from the experience as well.

The deadline is March 8th.

If you are in Multnomah County you can contact myself or the Vice Chair of Multnomah County, John Payne.

I am Michael Harrington, I am running against Tina Kotek… the leader of the Democrats in the House… and I can use Tea Party people to help in any way they want to. I can be reached at 971-533-3116. I have strange hours as a truck driver, but do try anyways.

John Payne recovered the Multnomah County District from disarray, i have met the man and was deeply impressed. He is now the Vice Chair under Jeff Reynolds and they are running a tight ship with the resources they have. John Payne can be reached at 503-997-2708.

I am Michael Harrington, and I fully endorse this message. Making Oregon’s Future!