Ohio Tea Party! Roll Call!

I live in Oregon… but today I stand with the Ohio Tea Party.

Ladies and Gentlement of the Ohio Tea Party, aka Patriots of the highest order.

Your establishment seeks to choke the lifeblood from our movement.

So as a concerned activist of Conservative causes I seek to help restore your strength.

I need.. no that is wrong… OHIO needs 30 volunteers to step up. I would prefer 3000 to send a message, but 30 will do.

You need to walk/drive/ski/fly/crawl/surf or whatever to your elections office and you need to sign up to run as a Precinct Committee Person.

This position in many States requires 3 votes to win. Yes 3!

Then you attend the vote for leadership of your State Party.

Send a clear message.

Then just try being involved in your Party. Be a force for change we can believe in!

Show them the Buckeye Spirit and clean house on them!