Judge a man on his Actions, not his Words!

Certainly a lesson for the average Independant voter.

For Obama was a man of (teleprompter) Words, and not so a man of action.

But I am not here to discuss Obama so much this day.

Nay I am here to talk of the three of the candidates.

First is Santorum.
Take his words, and the words of others away and stand him on his actions.

This man is a Senator, and his voting reflects his character.

Next up is Newt Gingrich
Newt has performed many actions. First he rabidly supported Reagan to the point Nancy Reagan said Newt carries the torch of Reagan.

Newt further acted upon his Contract with America. He prevented new taxes, he cut Welfare rolls, he fought for common sense government.

Yes he also cheated on his wives (twice). But later he converted to Catholicism and has apparently steered clear since of infedility (as far as anyone can tell).

Mitt Romney
Mitt poses a background of actions that startles me. He appointed so very many Liberal Judges that you would have to consider it a high chance he would put a Ruth Ginsburg into the Supreme Court. He pushed the commonly known as Romneycare in Massachusetts (taking full credit and not having shared credit with the legislature) and he also has fought actively against gun rights.

A mans history tells a lot about the man, excluding a conversion of faith. Conversions can be powerful if real. Rick and Mitt have not converted of course.

Please feel free to discuss the actions of these men, for our future depends on knowing who we back.